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Senior Layla Ray presents her senior project to community members.  Photo by Kalei Owen.

Senior projects: Are they worth the stress?

Aydan Rossovich June 4, 2019

With finals fast approaching and the year coming to a close, Seniors have gotten ready to end the year with a climactic finish. The last important factor that decided whether or not they will walk at graduation...

Mrs. Beskeen works in the nurses office. She frequently deals with allergy problems at school.  Photo by Zach Fink.

Bruins suffer from springtime allergies

Aydan Rossovich May 28, 2019

Spring is, arguably, one of the most beautiful seasons, with all the flowers blooming and the plants growing. However, with this yearly awakening of the extravagant sight that the growth of plants creates...

Sophomore Andrew Jeffers watches an episode of the original Kim Possible.  Photo by Martin Foster

Review: Disney’s “Kim Possible” movie disappoints childhood fans

Aydan Rossovich March 13, 2019

The past can be a nice thing to look back on. To think of all of your old memories and interests can bring up nostalgia. When a remake of a movie or show comes out, nostalgia can be one of the factors...

Students study chemistry in Mrs. Weirs classroom. Photo by Emily Bakey

Bruins divided over lack of dissections

Aydan Rossovich February 12, 2019

With the variety of science classes Bear River High School offers, one would believe there would be more talk of dissections the classes have gone through. However, it seems that Bear River science classes...

Senior Aidan Smith deals with wrist issues due to a sports injury. Photo by Kalei Owen

Sports-related injuries common among Bruins

Aydan Rossovich February 8, 2019

As an athlete, one has to be prepared for many different circumstances involving the sport(s) one plays. The unpredictability of the other players can lead to many different kinds of injuries. Athletic...

Junior Scout Pettitt and Senior Julia Halverson goof off during lunch. Photo by Kalei Owen

Bruins: BR welcomes its LGBTQ+ community

Aydan Rossovich November 29, 2018

Attraction comes in all kinds of forms. Nearly everyone experiences it and feels about themselves differently. At Bear River, students believe that many or their peers are accepting of people who consider...

Varsity football players take a defensive stance against Encina at the Homecoming game. Photo by Kalei Owen

Bruins triumph over Encina at Homecoming

Aydan Rossovich September 19, 2018

Bear River’s Varsity Bruin football team faced off against the Encina Bulldogs in the Homecoming game on Friday, September 14th, winning in a triumphant victory of 54-0. Senior Austin Slining showed...

Technical Theater, a new class, is being taught by Erin Beatie. Photo by Josh Racine

Spotlight on new Technical Theater class

Aydan Rossovich September 7, 2018

Beginning a new year at Bear River means the introduction of several new things; friends, teachers, and classes. This year brought with it a Technical Theater class for the first time, taught by Theater...

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