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Bear River transitioned into distance learning nearly two months ago. Photo by Maddie Meilinger

Bruins express conflicting opinions surrounding distance learning

Dylan Walters May 11, 2020

The transfer from on-campus classes to online work had been difficult for some students. Bruins have expressed mixed opinions on distance learning, though many of these insights are influenced by the many...

Alex Siegenthaler works on his car before school.  Photo by Salvatore Ginexi

Bruins race to fourth place in automotive competition

Dylan Walters February 24, 2020

Mech-savvy Bear River seniors Alex Siegenthaler and Sean Cullers took fourth place in the automotive section of The Top Tech Challenge on January 25th, and got a $1,000 scholarship each, passing up 15...

Students work on assignments online during Mr. Carrows fourth period history class to keep their grades up to prevent them from attending APEX classes.  Photo by Taylor Wohlgemuth

District-offered summer school needed for student success

Dylan Walters February 11, 2020

What do you do if you need help in your education? The simple solution is to get tutoring after school with our helpful Bear River teachers. But for the few students who either haven’t taken certain...

Bruins collected dozens of cans for this years canned food drive.  Photo by Zach Fink

Canned food drive gives back to community

Dylan Walters November 15, 2019

Bear River’s annual participation in the canned food drive has started up once again this November, and every student can make a difference.  The canned food drive typically begins in early November...

 Editorial cartoon by Jordan Moore.

Editorial: The Nightmare Before Christmas belongs to Halloween

Dylan Walters October 31, 2019

The Nightmare Before Christmas is a real treat for watchers of all ages. This gothic, romantic, and slightly macabre creation from Tim Burton’s mind combines the jolly aspects of christmas and the spooky...

AP students work hard in class.  Photo by Jeremy Rodrigues.

Students concerned about new AP test deadlines

Dylan Walters October 14, 2019

Advanced Placement tests are incredibly valuable for students aspiring to attend college straight out of high school, though not all students like to take due to their high level of difficulty and high...

As a Cross Country runner as well as a Track and Field participator, Senior Grace Billingsley exemplifies one of the many techniques to having a healthy life.  Photo by Salvatore Ginexi

How to Adult: Leading a Healthy Lifestyle

Dylan Walters September 27, 2019

Students go through 13 years of the US school system, only for many to come out the other side unprepared to actually function as an adult in society. The Current created this series to fill in the...

Senior Sean Cullers demonstrates a long arm plank for the Weights class. Photo by Dylan Walters

Bruins not pumped by overcrowded Weights class

Dylan Walters September 6, 2019

Weights training is an incredibly unique and useful class for Bruins. The requirements to pass are very simple, but the primal goal of students in the class is to gain a passion for working out and to...

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