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Gas prices soar

Gas prices soar

Noah Siegenthaler May 25, 2022

Due to recent world events, gas prices have spiked and are approaching or have already risen over six dollars per gallon. This drastic change has hurt many Bruins and impacted their budgets. 2022 has...

The student Instagram accounts range from wholesome to borderline cyber bullying.  Photo by Sara Tate

Student Instagrams taking it too far

Noah Siegenthaler January 26, 2022

It has never been easier for people to connect and form groups from nearly anywhere thanks to the internet, but in 2022, the point of what is acceptable to bond over is being pushed to the border at Bear...

The online media FLEX Time allows students in classes like Literary Magazine to get more work done.  Photo by Sara Tate

Flex Time: a controversial change

Noah Siegenthaler October 7, 2021

With the Bruin 2021-22 school year introducing everyone to Flex Times, what do the students think after getting a taste? The previous school year was a valuable lesson to the Bruin staff, teaching them...

Senior Tanner Roberts and Sophomore Robert Maple walk through the quad during passing period. Photo by Maya Bussinger

Shifting school schedules create confusion

Noah Siegenthaler June 7, 2021

COVID-19 has forced its influence in every aspect of our lives, things changed to ensure fewer people get infected. For Bruins that has meant frequent changes to schedules, and by proxy their lives. The...

Dice are an important factor in determining outcomes of events in D&D.  Courtesy Photo

Bruins keep the D20 rolling

Noah Siegenthaler April 26, 2021

Dungeons and Dragons has become a much harder game to play due to the quarantine, but despite this some Bear River students have persevered and continue to play their favorite tabletop adventure game. Before...

Bear River Math Teacher Vicki Burrell simultaneously instructs both in-person and online students utilizing the online platform Zoom on March 25.  Photo by  Alli Whiting

Online math offers both problems and solutions

Noah Siegenthaler April 3, 2021

Math has always been a subject many Bruins struggle with, but with COVID-19 restrictions forcing students to take math classes fully or partially on Zoom, how has learning math changed? Math can be very...

Bruins agree that their pets have helped them stay positive during the pandemic. Photo by Jamey Slater

Man’s best friends lend helpful paws

Noah Siegenthaler January 11, 2021

Spending time with pets has become easier than ever. Many Bruins say their pets have become a good source of support while they are confined to their homes.  Last year was a rough year for both students...

Sophomore Caleb McGehee completes homework on his chromebook at school during hybrid learning. Photo by Maya Bussinger

Editorial: Bruin staff goes the distance with distance learning

Noah Siegenthaler December 1, 2020

Distance learning was quite the struggle for everyone to become accustomed to, and was a very new experience for Bear River staff and students alike, but how well did this experimental system work? Distance...

While mental health has always been a major subject to address, quarantine sparks a new significance to the issue with all students staying inside. Photo by Maddie Meilinger

Mental health a viable concern during quarantine

Noah Siegenthaler June 8, 2020

Ever since the initiation of distance learning and the stay at home orders due to COVID-19, students have been mostly stuck at home, not able to go anywhere without parental permission. If they are able...

While the class of 2020 has been robbed of many of their end of the year celebrations, the Safe and Sober Grad Night offers one last night to congratulate the seniors. Photo by Maddie Meilinger

Grad Night aims to give seniors last goodbye

Noah Siegenthaler June 8, 2020

This past school year has been affected significantly by the COVID-19 outbreak. With students doing their schooling at home, the campus being closed, access to teachers being limited, and everyone having...

The United States flag, as well as the California flag, are displayed in the school office.  Photo by Salvatore Ginexi

Bruins voice opinions about impeachment, upcoming election

Noah Siegenthaler March 2, 2020

President Donald Trump has been one of the most controversial leaders in America’s history, but with his 2016-20 term ending, thoughts have turned towards the upcoming election, which will be the first...

Mr. David Ahrens is the Music Director at Bear River.  Photo by Jeremy Rodrigues

‘Sounds of the Season’ aims to elevate holiday cheer

Noah Siegenthaler December 13, 2019

Bear River’s Music program departments, including Band, Starlite, Jazz Unlimited, and more, will collaborate to put on the 'Sounds of the Season' Concert on December 13, 2019 in the Bear River Theater. Freshman...

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