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Whats Bruin

What’s Bruin

August Arnold May 20, 2022

Recently the Current decided to update their podcasts, bringing What’s Bruin in as the new podcast. It focuses on what happens inside the school and has student guests. So far, there are 5 episodes posted. Senior...

Sophomore Devon Nunley practices his lines.  Photo by Jay Arnold

A Grimm comedy

August Arnold March 27, 2022

Upcoming play, “The Brother Grimm Spectaculathon”, will be the second Bear River play this year for Bruins to watch and participate in. It is about many stories we all know that are put together in...

Bathroom vandalism leaves students flustered

Bathroom vandalism leaves students flustered

August Arnold February 23, 2022

Since school has started there has been the new Tik Tok trend called “Devious Licks,” it has been popular for students to destroy school property and bathrooms or steal. Some students have been caught...

Jay Wilson, Devon Nunley, Sebastian McCullough, and Bobbie Lee Kliever get together in a group.  Photo by Jay Arnold

LGBTQ+ representation at BR

August Arnold January 26, 2022

More students at school are beginning to feel more comfortable with coming out of the “closet” as a part of the LGBTQ+ community, there is now a lot more variety between students rather than just being...

Students rehearse for their roles as zombies.  Photo by Jay Arnold

Drama students become zombified

August Arnold October 6, 2021

Theater kids, other students, and adults have the chance to star in a short zombie film. Drama teacher Sara Noah and her other friends are getting together to help encourage students to get out of their...

Lomeli is the new teacher to meet all of your English needs.  Courtesy Photo

Grass Valley native returns to teach: Brooke Lomeli

August Arnold August 31, 2021

Brooke Lomeli is a new English teacher working at Bear River High School. Lomeli has taught at Nevada Union and Marysville High School, making this her first year teaching at Bear River. She's said that...

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