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Bruins’ hibernation comes to an end

Bruins had a refreshing winter break and are ready to return to school. Photo by Sarah Tate

Last week Bear River students were enjoying a nice and sleepy winter break. The break lasted the last two weeks of October and into the first day of 2021, giving students the last taste of 2020.

Junior Aden Mattson thought this break lasted the right amount of time in preparation for the Holidays. 

“I feel that break was probably just right given the way the holidays fall during the weeks,” he said.

Junior Maddie Walters when asked about the length of the break responded.

“I feel like it was just right. Of course, for the purpose of not going back to school, I would’ve preferred it to be longer. but since that’s not an option, I felt this winter break was just long/short enough,” she said.

Senior Angelina Sauceda when asked the same question replied with.

“Too short, should have lasted a year”

Mattson’s best part of Winter Break was hanging out with his friends.

“Sleeping (hanging out with friends)”

Walters enjoyed some time with her family and no class schedule.

“Remembering that I don’t have to get up early, “ said Walters. .“Spending time with family.”

With coronavirus challenging students day to day, many students needed a break.  Mattson said this about the break.

“I think that this break was very important for many people. While I personally could’ve survived without it, I imagine it helped remove massive amounts of stress on other kids who have harder situations than I due to covid 19,” he commented.

Walters also thought this break was a great de-stress from the ongoing pandemic.

“School is a big stress factor for many students, and that holds true during the pandemic. It was a break many of us needed.”

APUSH teacher Matt MacDonald expressed his enjoyment of the break and new semester.

“I think the break was great. It was a nice change ending the semester after we got back from vacation instead of before we left.”

Mr. MacDonald also said that he enjoyed some time reading books.

I read quite a bit.”

MacDonald also spent a lot of time with his family and helping his daughter ride a bike.

“I spent a lot of time with my immediate family. I played some golf and taught my daughter how to ride her bike without training wheels.”

MacDonald wished that this past break also helped students destress and relax from school for a little while.

“I hope the break helped students destress and recharge their batteries. I know I certainly enjoyed the break and I am ready for the 2nd semester!”

English Teacher Kristina Stroeve also thinks that two weeks is just the right amount of time for Winter Break.

“I think that two weeks is usually just about the right amount of time to have for winter break. We get time to enjoy the holidays, catch up on sleep, and maybe get out of town to see relatives or visit the mountains or the beach. This year was quieter and I didn’t get to go out of town or have any big family get-togethers. It was peaceful but less full of joy.”

Stroeve also noticed that students coming back to school are usually excited but this year students were weary.

“I don’t feel students got as much of a break as they usually do this year. They came back in January seeming a little weary and resigned. Usually, there is an excitement to come back and see friends and share stories of holiday adventures, but this year I think many students tried to use the time to get caught up in classes. It’s been a hard time for all of us and I know we are all looking forward to a time when things don’t feel so heavy.”

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Bruins’ hibernation comes to an end