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Top 5: Barbie Movies


5. Barbie in a Mermaid Tale
While this movie is amazing, it doesn’t compare to the rest. It’s about a girl named Merliah who of course goes through an identity crisis because she doesn’t have her mom present in her life. She’s a cool surfer chick whose hair magically turns pink and travels to the mermaid kingdom with her pink dolphin friend. She’s able to save the kingdom from the bad mermaid of course and it’s a bit annoying how her mom happens to be the secret queen of the mermaid kingdom.
4. Barbie: A Fashion Fairytale
If you’re a fan of sparkly dresses and fashion fairies this is the movie for you. This Barbie movie follows the classic story of a girl who got fired from her mediocre job as an actor. She decides to take charge of her life when her boyfriend Ken breaks up with her over the phone and travels to Paris to see her widowed grandmother. Barbie, of course, is a natural at making amazing dresses and becomes a fashion icon with the help of her fairy friends. They all help Barbie save her grandma’s fashion store which turns into a massive fashion show. This movie also features a weird man in a hot dog costume at times.
3. Barbie and the 12 Dancing Princesses
This movie follows Barbie and her enormous family full of 11 sisters who live in a giant castle and have anything they ever want. Things go downhill when their father becomes very ill. Without a mother, the king/dad recruits his awful, ugly cousin to help supervise his 12 daughters who are all very attractive and love to dance. Because his cousin is of course evil and wants to be queen she bosses the girls around, creating harsh curfews and rules while also slowly poisoning the father. But don’t worry because the girls find a way to escape from their harsh reality. You guessed it, they discover a secret riddle to open up their floor in their massive bedroom that reveals a secret world where there is magic and cool dance moves. They go to this magic world every night to dance away their problems and eventually save their dad and get rid of the ugly cousin.
2. Barbie as Princess and the Pauper
As a close second, this movie involves two girls who are basically twins because they’re born on the same day, but live different lives. One girl, Anneliese, the blonde who lives in a magnificent castle as the heir to the throne, wishes for a different life, one away from princess responsibilities and breakfast in bed. The other girl, Erika, lives in the kingdom but in a simple townhouse working under a horrid seamstress who makes her work hard to pay off her debt. She wishes for a glamorous life where she can have anything she wants. One day they meet in the town square and find that they are basically the same person and that they should switch lives so they can run away from their real lives. Of course, things go south because it’s a horrible plan and the the villain, Preminger, wants to be married to Princess Annaliese for wealth reasons, but actually takes Erika. While Erika is in danger, Annaliese gets kidnapped by Preminger’s minions. Lots of things go down but in the end, they both fall in love with men who save them throughout the movie.
1. Barbie & the Diamond Castle
This movie, the best of them all, follows two best friends who live together in a cute cottage and somehow can support themselves by selling flowers. Their friendship is so strong that they find matching heart necklaces in a river that are actually magic but they don’t know it yet of course. They find this fancy mirror that casually has a girl living inside. They discover that she got trapped inside the mirror by this evil chick who wants to find a secret diamond castle. The friends and the girl in the mirror also need to find the castle so they can save the magic. They all journey together to stop the evil lady from turning people into stone and to also save the secret diamond castle. Of course along the way they meet two men who they both slowly fall in love with and who help them along their journey. And as you would’ve guessed the magic heart necklaces they found were the key to finding the diamond castle and the key to stopping the evil lady. They all transform into Prince and Princesses and live in the diamond castle together.

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