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The Bear River JV softball field prominently saying Lady Bruins.

A History of Sexist Terminology and The Word ‘Lady’ Staff April 19, 2024

With the rise in women's sports, many are trying to abolish any sexist beliefs that stand. The use of ‘lady’ in women’s sports should not be used because of its past sexist history. The use of...

Horror Story: The Purge

Are Horror Movies Bad to Watch?

Violet Andrews, Staff Writer February 15, 2024

Can a horror movie affect someone's mental state? Horror movies are known to be scary and gory to the audience. According to Harmonia Mentis, horror movies can negatively affect someone’s mental state....

The Staggering Good Effects Of AI In The Near Future

The Staggering Good Effects Of AI In The Near Future

Riley Urke, Staff Writer February 14, 2024

Is AI helpful or harmful? Recently many have been fearful of the final form of the AI we are developing and how it will affect lives. However, I say AI is a helpful and useful tool when used for the...

Bruin students and teachers alike worry about insuring their cars with constricting regulations.

Toxic Gasses and Empty Wallets

Jacob Dickie, Senior Writer January 31, 2024

Contrary to common belief, driving old trucks or cars can become even more expensive than a newer fancier model. With the rising conversation about electric vehicles, California’s vehicle emissions testing...

Flipped is a movie about young love, and is well worth your time.

Old-Fashioned Young Love

Abigail Reed, Staff Writer January 31, 2024

In the old-style movie "Flipped," director Rob Reiner shows a heartwarming idea of what young love is. This movie shows challenges in scenes and just as many heartwarming ones. It never fails to bring...

Cailee Spaeny portrays Priscilla, the young wife of Elvis, in Sofia Coppolas new film Priscilla.

A Little Girl In A Grown Man’s World

Briyelle Sikes, Staff Writer January 31, 2024

When I initially walked into the theater to watch Sofia Coppola’s new film “Priscilla”, I was expecting to watch a film about Priscilla’s grand life. However, I soon found out I was watching an...

A portrait of Anne Frank.

Anne Frank Shows Me How Young Women Are Not Heard

Ella Miller, Staff Writer January 29, 2024

. I believe Anne Frank's diary shows us how important teen girls words can be, and she shows how young women are constantly put to the side and aren't heard. Even in today's modern day, from Anne Frank’s...

Bear River band members, from left, Christina Leimer, Jericho Briggs, Olivia Herr and Tay Moore perform at a rally earlier this school year.

The Gradual Decline of Music Education

Daron Nelson, Staff Writer January 29, 2024

“Music doesn’t lie. If there is something to be changed in this world, then it can only happen through music” - Jimi Hendrix. Hendrix’s statement here rings more true than ever in the world we...

Maus l and Maus ll are two books that are widely challenged and banned across America.

The Perils of Banning Books and Diminishing Intellectual Freedom

Kennedy Lyman, Staff Writer December 13, 2023

Books have the power to ignite minds, challenge perspectives, and shape the course of history. But when we silence these voices through book bans, we risk extinguishing the passions that fuel progress...

Researches found a martian meteorite that contained a huge diversity of organic compounds, presenting the possibility of life residing on our planetary neighbor. Courtesy photo

Mars meteorite suggests possible signs of life

Vaughn Hulcy March 7, 2023

For decades, if not centuries, explorers, scientists, and everyday people have peered into the sky, contemplating the vastness of space. Most people eventually come to a simple question, is earth the only...

Gas prices soar

Gas prices soar

Noah Siegenthaler May 25, 2022

Due to recent world events, gas prices have spiked and are approaching or have already risen over six dollars per gallon. This drastic change has hurt many Bruins and impacted their budgets. 2022 has...

The SAT is a test that can make life difficult for students. Courtesy Photo

The real cost of college

Alec Hartman January 27, 2022

As Americans, we hold the ideals of the American Dream very dear to our hearts, believing hard work is the key to success. Many students here at Bear River and across the country take school very seriously...

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