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Bathroom vandalism leaves students flustered


Since school has started there has been the new Tik Tok trend called “Devious Licks,” it has been popular for students to destroy school property and bathrooms or steal. Some students have been caught and have been suspended but that hasn’t lifted the mandate for most of the boy’s bathrooms to be closed and for some students needing an escort to use the bathroom.

Freshman Jordan Glaspey explained his annoyance with the bathrooms being closed.

“It’s awful with the bathrooms being closed, people should stop vandalizing and taking what’s not theirs in a public bathroom. It is a public bathroom and shouldn’t be treated like garbage.”

Freshman Jacob Dickie Sated his feeling about the bathroom issues

“It sucks really, I have to walk all the way to the MPR most of the time, and I’ll be late to class a lot when I’m just trying to use the bathroom. I just feel like there are better ways to solve the problem.”

Most students who aren’t involved with the trend are upset with the fact that most bathrooms are closed and disappointed that fellow bruins are doing damage to our beautiful campus, especially since some bathrooms were newly remodeled for students and staff.

Dickie explained his feelings about how school is solving the situation.

“I feel like there has to be a better way for them to solve the problem, I feel like they could have handled it better in the beginning but it is a tough situation that they’re in.”

Junior Sebastian McCullough stated his point of view on the situation

“Oh man, if I really need to use the bathroom it would really suck, I would have to run down to the MPR area and probably miss important stuff in class, and I mean how can students take a whole soap dispenser off the wall without someone realizing or catching the student. I feel like that is partly the school’s fault.”

The school has taken risks to open the bathrooms multiple times and each time they have been open they have been closed again due to students vandalizing the bathrooms more. Some upperclassmen have stated that it is mostly the freshman doing the damage to the property, some blame it on the freshman not having a normal middle school year or students who haven’t learned how to grow up.

Glaspey stated his point of view about solving the issue

“Well, I don’t think the school is handling the problem well because students are still vandalizing the bathrooms and they are still being closed. I could think of a few better ways for the problem but they wouldn’t help students academically, you could expel or suspend the students.”

Students, we have one of the most beautiful school campuses in the county. It’s important for us students to set good examples for incoming freshmen and keep our campus a safe place for everyone.

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Bathroom vandalism leaves students flustered