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Bruins discuss changes in local developments and industries over the years

The development of the new Combie Road shopping center provides space for many new businesses, including the controversially opened Quick Quack car wash. Photo by Maya Bussinger

Changes in developments and industries have come and gone throughout the years in the shopping complexes around Bear River and Lake of the Pines.

History teacher Matt MacDonald was a Bear River student in the early 2000s, and he reflected on the industries that were around while he was in high school.

“Ace Hardware, right in the Combie center, used to be a big arcade”, MacD said. “It would have video games and people would go there after school. They used to have a Taco Bell Express right next to Round Table Pizza. They used to have a place called Mr. Dessert and another clothing store that was located there. It was the spot.”

MacD explained how the bad economy contributed to the closing of many places as Bear River’s enrollment dropped and people moved out.

“Somewhere in the early 2000s, a lot of people started moving to Rocklin and Granite Bay and Lincoln and so businesses didn’t have as many families around. Bear River got smaller, so a lot of the demand kinda drove up,” he said.

MacD expects that many of the entertainment industries will resurge with more children back in the area and enrollment growth at the schools.

“There’s a lot of people that went to Bear River and now are adults and have kids that are in that younger age that are moving back to this area which is why our enrollment is slowly going back up,” said MacD. “I would not be surprised if in a couple years you start to see stuff like that. Even in Auburn; there used to be a skating rink and a miniature golf place in Auburn. It kinda changed over the years but I can kind of see that coming back.”

Senior James Haworth agreed with MacD, addressing the benefits of industries that administer to teenagers, but also finds merit in the ones that exist currently.

“I think that our high schoolers would find value in business like an arcade that would cater to our age group,” Haworth said. “I also find that there is a lot of value in the businesses that are there, like the Ace and the vet clinic.”

Haworth shared his knowledge of new developments that are popping up around shopping centers on Combie road.

“I like meat.” exclaimed Haworth. “I’m talking about the butcher shop. I think it’s cool that there is a new butcher shop in that complex.”

Senior Jamey Slater appreciates the businesses that are already in the area, but believes that the introduction of other industries will also be beneficial.

“Other industries will naturally come in,” Slater said. “We have Starbucks and Holiday, but I think the area around Combie could end up having more entertainment industries. I think that could be really cool, especially if I stay in the area and my kids go to school here. The frozen yogurt is a start, but it would be cool if there was another place to eat.”

Many people hope for more entertainment businesses and restaurants to be built in the new complex by Highway 49. While Slater believes that industries such as the Holiday and Culture Shock are advantageous in the newly developed area, Haworth has a different opinion on the matter. 

“I think that they should have just left it as a bare field,” said Haworth. “I liked it better when it was undeveloped. We don’t need to pave everything. Even if we don’t use it, a field is nice to be untouched.”

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Bruins discuss changes in local developments and industries over the years