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Complain all you want, Bear River is awesome

A typical morning outside Bear River High School. Photo by Hailey Juergenson

At Bear River, we hear a lot of whining and complaining about the school that we all go to everyday.

As you walk through the halls, you’ll hear people talk about how much they hate Bear River, and they wish they could go somewhere else. But countless students have found out the grass is definitely not greener on the other side. Bear River is actually the best school you will find in this area.

Principal Amy Besler had a quite a few things to say about this issue. She commented on the way students get closer to each other in this small school environment, which leads to little arguments and annoyances that take away from the bigger picture.

“In a small school community, you become like a family and that can include the squabbling that happens in any family between ‘brothers and sisters'” she said. “We know (and love) one another in deep ways, but sometimes get frustrated, too, wanting something different.”

Principal Besler also talked about why this school is special.

“There is no doubt that Bear River is an incredibly special place,” she said. “I have never seen a student body and staff so close and connected, like a family. We cheer one another on, and reach out to people we don’t know, wanting everyone to feel at home.”

She also talked very highly of Bear River’s’ academics, athletics, arts, and FFA programs.

“Academically, we rank very high, along with schools like Rocklin and Del Oro,” she said. “Our athletic teams, performing arts groups, and other programs out-perform their size on a consistent basis, bringing home title after title and all kinds of recognition for our school. The fact that we have two consecutive National FFA Champions is a feat that is hard to even fathom. Who could believe that a small school like Bear River could achieve so much and be recognized so regularly on a state and national level?”

New transfer student from Foothill Anthony Garcia, a senior, was also positive about our school.

“Well, I have to say, your campus is nice,” he said. “It’s small, but I like it. Like, its convenient. It’s easy to go to class.”

He also talked about the differences between Foothill and Bear River.

“I’d say the biggest difference is the way the classrooms work,” Garcia said. “Teachers are different, to me, kinda like, they expect more and they help you out and stuff.”

When Garcia was asked about whether he would recommend Bear River to incoming students, the answer was resounding.

“Yes, I would definitely recommend it to them,” he said.

Wyatt Hook, a senior, transferred to Bear River during his junior year from Nevada Union. He spoke extremely positively about Bear River.

“(Bear River) is much more involved in everything they do: … rallies, sports, lunch events, and school spirit days,” he said.

Hook also talked about how the staff and students are a lot nicer than they are at Nevada Union.

“The teachers and other staff remember who you are and are a lot nicer and more talkative than (at) Nevada Union,” he said. “The kids at Bear River actually care about each other. At Nevada Union, if you had a problem you just had to deal with it because unless you had a few close friends, no one else would be there to help you out.”

Hook elaborated a little on why he transferred to Bear River.

“I transferred because Nevada Union kept changing their style, trying to make it better when all that happened was it got worse,” he said. “I had also been hearing good things about Bear River so I thought I’d give it a chance because I like change anyway.”

Hook gave Bear River a glowing recommendation.

“I recommend Bear River all the time to parents whose kids are going to be freshmen at Nevada Union,” he said. “I tend to talk to a lot of adults through work. If it ever comes up I say Bear River is better than Nevada Union all day.”

But, while these students see the bright side of Bear River, there’s always somebody who has another opinion. Junior Aaron Sasville talked about how Nevada Union didn’t have the problems we have here.

“Nevada Union fixed their problems, everyone here doesn’t, and it’s a problem,” he said.

He also talked about Bear River’s academics versus Nevada Union’s.

“At Nevada Union, the teachers helped me a little more with my grades,” Sasville said.

Though Sasville dislikes some things about Bear River, he also likes some things, such as sports and teachers.

“I do like the teachers, they just don’t help you as much,” he said. “… I like the sports here way better, because, it just seems like since we’re a smaller school, we play smaller schools, which makes more competition.”

He also lamented about how the popularity is measured at Bear River.

“If you don’t play football, you’re not cool, cause ever since I quit football I get so much crap for not playing,” he said. “Don’t try to bully me just cause I quit.”

Through all of these student opinions, I think Principal Besler said it best.

“It can be difficult to see how good you have it until you go other places and realize that, in fact, as Dorothy in the ‘Wizard of Oz’ figured out, there’s no place like home.”

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Complain all you want, Bear River is awesome