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New tables round out Bruin lunch experience

A group of Bear River juniors and seniors enjoy their lunch at one of the new shaded tables found throughout the campus. Photo by Hailey Juergenson

The new seating arrangements on campus cast a shadow on the old ones.

Over spring break, Bear River set up twelve new lunch tables, along with umbrellas, around campus. 

Teachers and staff had a great feeling about the new tables.

“I think they really came out well and are a good addition,” said Paul Mont-Eton, the head of maintenance at Bear River.

“I like them and they came out a better color than I expected,” said Ag. Mechanics teacher Bailey Kirby.

“I think they look great, and the umbrellas the District bought really make them look perfect to sit under during warmer days,” said President of the Bear River Community Parent Group, Susan Kirk.

“I love our new tables.” said Principal Amy Besler. “I think they add such a bright, fresh element to our campus, especially with the umbrellas.”

Students felt good about the addition as well.

“I like them very much and they are very nice,” said Lucas Howser, a senior.

“It’s better to interact with your friends because they are in a circle,” said Lydia Fuller-Hall, a freshman.

“It gives more people a place to sit, so they don’t have to sit on the ground or in classrooms,” said Aydan Rossovich, a sophomore.

Teaches and staff gave various reasons why the tables help students during lunch.

“The circular shape gives a sense of closeness, as opposed to a straight bench spreading people out.” Said Mrs. Kirk, “they are also painted in burgundy, a school color.”

“They have created a better space and less crowding in the MPR,” said Mr. Mont-Eton.

“It hasn’t really changed where the kids sit, but how they have a place to sit instead of against the wall,” said Ms. Kirby.

“It always bothered me, for two reasons, that kids (didn’t sit) on benches during lunch… First of all, it’s hard to eat with nowhere to put your food. Secondly, you’re not able to look at the people you’re talking to. I absolutely love seeing groups of students circled up at the tables, looking at one another, talking, and laughing,” explained Mrs. Besler.

Students agreed with the teachers’s opinions on the tables.

“They sit more people than the bench,” said Fuller-Hall.

“The shade from the umbrellas are kinda nice,” said Drake.

“Originally we didn’t have a place to put our food and it was annoying.” said Howser. “Also, we have shade from the sun which is nice.”

Students continued on to explain the type of experience the tables adds to lunch time. 

“I can actually sit with my friends than being on the ground,” said Fuller-Hall.

“They are actual lunch tables unlike all the other tables in the school,” said  Rossovich.

“They add a nice decorative touch to the quad,” said senior Paris Drake.

The seats did not come alone, but with a decorative and convenient umbrella addition.

“I first thought, ‘are they coming with umbrellas,’ because no one is going to want to sit in the hot sun on a metal table,” said Ms. Kirby.

“The umbrellas are beautiful, colorful, and provide some shade from that hot sun, which is much-needed in the quad where there isn’t much shade from trees,” said Mrs. Besler.

“They provide good shade during summer months,” said Mr. Mont-Eton.

“I hope the umbrellas will also provide shelter from rain so that students will want to sit at the tables in winter as well,” said Mrs. Kirk.

Though the umbrellas are a beautiful touch to the dreary quad, nothing good comes without effort.

“The umbrellas have so far held up to wind, and I hope the students will like sitting at these tables for years to come,” said Mrs. Kirk.

“The hardest part will be the upkeep on the umbrellas because they won’t last long,” stated Ms. Kirby.

“We were concerned that they could be stolen, so we attached them securely to the tables themselves,” said Principal Besler. “The only other concern is how long they will hold up out in the elements.”

Students had few, but some, complaints about the tables as well.

“Little protection from the cold.” said Howser. “I see them degrading if people don’t take care of them.”

“They narrow the path ways between class rooms and attract bees,” said Fuller-Hall.

The tables came in pieces that needed to be put together, and maintenance decided to get some help.

“The tables were put together by Paul, the operations manager/maintenance manager at BRHS, along with his crew and some of the Ag. students is my understanding, ” said Mrs. Kirk.

Ms. Kirby confirms what Mrs.Kirk had said, “The maintenance guys helped my 2nd period class put all twelve of them together.”

The getting the tables set up was a team effort from the beginning, even buying them.

“Our fabulous Parent Club purchased 6 tables and our district matched that and purchased the other six,” said Mrs. Besler.

“(The) parent club shared in the cost of the tables with the District, (but) the District bought the umbrellas,” said Mrs. Kirk.

Out of all the positive views there comes an argument about the investment into the new tables.

“They aren’t necessary when it comes down to what that money could have been used for, such as: funding the art programs, sport departments, or even decreasing the cost of prom,” explained Drake.

Even though some could argue that the tables aren’t worth it, most if not all would agree that lunch now has a new dash of flavor. 

“These 12 tables are a wonderful addition to BRHS to allow students to sit with their lunches in front of them in the warm fresh air and enjoy conversation with friends.” said Mrs. Kirk, “they also are more comfortable to eat at compared to the ground or straight benches.”

“I would love to purchase more and have them spread out throughout campus, (because) kids literally run to secure a table at the beginning of lunch and it would be nice to have more of them available,” said Mrs. Besler.

“We’ll just have to see if kids use them.” Said Ms. Kirby, “if they use them it was worth it.”

Students already show signs of the tables being “worth it.”

“I expect them to be useful because people want to be comfortable while they eat,” said Rossovich.

“I’m mad they are coming out my senior year instead of my freshman year,” said Howser.

“I don’t think they can get any better now that they have umbrellas, maybe we can get more of them,” said Fuller-Hall.

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New tables round out Bruin lunch experience