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Leaders assess Club Rush results

Sophomores Zaed Ismail, Dylan Walters, Wes Conley and Freshmen George Kliver and Erik Romero enjoy the Smash Club booth at Club Rush. Photo by McKenna Hisaw

With Club Rush long over, various programs on campus are reflecting on their successes. 

Club Rush, an annual Bear River event, took place on September 13. Club Rush allows the clubs to advertise themselves and sell foods that range from In-N-Out all the way to Krispy Kreme. Student Activities Director Matt MacDonald said that he thinks Club Rush went successfully.

“Yeah, I thought it was very successful, you know, we had a lot of clubs, we had a lot of new clubs that started up as a result of it which is the big goal, we had a lot of freshmen that joined clubs, which is one of the goals about letting freshmen out early,” Mr. MacDonald said. “So I was really pleased with the turnout and the response.”

Bella Batula, a senior and President of the Gay Straight Alliance club, agreed with Mr. MacDonald.

“I’d say it went very well, it was very successful, a lot of clubs made and raised a lot of money for themselves, and overall I think the students really appreciated getting to know the clubs more one on one while also getting to enjoy a bunch of nice yummy good food,” Batula said.

 Some booths, such as yearbooks’, ran by Sarah DeRise, had a very popular stand in which they were selling Taco Bell. 

“It went pretty good, we just got off to a rough start because our drivers got stuck in traffic, so our food was a little late, and we lost some freshmen business,” DeRise said. “But we completely sold out at our Taco Bell stand for yearbook, so it was really good.”

Derise explained how they accomplished a fast and efficient way of getting students their food.

“We had a pretty good system in handing out the food and taking money, we had one person on each side, and I ran the cash box, and we had the people back there handing out the food and it was a pretty good system,” she said. “So we had two lines, and got more people through faster.”

With the large amount of clubs trying to recruit new members, food is a great way to attract the students to your table. However, Mr. MacDonald explained why club rush isn’t all about the food.

“We want the clubs to be serious about trying to recruit new members, not just raising funds, and so every year that’s always something we want to work on is to make sure that the clubs are actively trying to recruit members and spread information about what their club does, not just selling a burger or something,” said Mr. MacDonald.

Ethan Brassfield, a junior and Vice-President of the Smash Club, told about how his club will improve their table for next year.

“We could have more explaining about what the club is and what we do instead of having people just be like ‘ooh video games,’” Brassfield said. “We have occasional out of school stuff that we could talk about to get more people interested. It went pretty well, we got a lot of people hooked and signing up, people loved our little stand.”

Mr. MacDonald also elaborated on how Club Rush has improved over the recent years.

“I think the biggest improvement we’ve seen is adding the addition of more clubs on campus, we’ve got twenty club,” he said. “I’m excited that kids know that if they want to start a club it’s easy to do, you know, anybody can do it — we want kids to know that, so if anybody is reading this article, know that all you gotta do is come to the student store, get a constitution, and you can start pretty much any club you want.”

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Leaders assess Club Rush results