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Bruins possessive of claimed parking spaces

Juniors Tyler Cross and Grant Aubuchon socialize in their claimed parking spaces. Photo by Kalei Owen

Before school starts, many students who drive have differing opinions on their parking conditions; whether they don’t care where they end up, or feel protective of a particular spot.

Anyone who drives has been in a parking lot looking for a spot only to have it taken last second, whether it’s at the mall or the grocery store.

School is no different. Day after day, it’s a battle for a parking spot. Between fellow students, staff, parents and visitors all trying to get a spot, chaos closely follows.

For some students, where they park doesn’t matter and they just carry on like it’s a normal day.

“I’m usually fine with it and just park in the spot next to it,” Hannah Prosser, a junior, stated.

“I just go and find an open spot,” Katelyn Lorenzo, a junior, said. “I personally think … I have a parking spot that I like, but if someone’s there, I don’t get mad or frustrated. I just go find another parking spot.”

On the other hand, some students prefer one specific parking space, and if it ends up being taken, they can get a bit irritated.

“Usually no one parks there, but usually [I take it] negatively,” Jacob Thompson, a senior, explained.

Noah Skowronski, a junior, emphasized what he thinks of those that are protective of a spot in the parking lot.

“Well, if they didn’t pay for it, I feel they shouldn’t have their spot reserved for them,” he said.

Some students are passive in this argument, meaning they’re both irritated with other student’s parking in their preferred spots and also not that fazed by it.

“I usually get a little sad,” Jakob Berger, a senior, said. “But there are multiple spots in that area where the tree shade is. Not that many people park there so it usually gives at least [one] good open spot to substitute.”

Last year as an act to raise money, leadership sold parking spots in the main lot. Some students bought the spots gladly under different reasons for the purchase, whether it was to be near friends or to be closer to their classes.

“(I had) one of the bought parking spots, because it was near all my friends and in a convenient spot,” Senior Aubree Knox stated.

While some students appreciate the paid parking spots, some think otherwise.

“I think its stupid that we have (paid parking),” Skowronski said. “That I can’t park in the parking spot I parked in every single day last year, because someone paid for it.”

Campus Supervisor Ralph Lewis explained how students tend to keep their opinion to themselves in the parking lot.

“No, never had any confrontation (over a parking spot), just somebody parking in the wrong spot,” he said.

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Bruins possessive of claimed parking spaces