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Editorial: Seniors need counseling seniority for success

Sophomore Maddie Mantooth waits for a counseling appointment in the office. Photo by Kalei Owen

Each new school year begins with a new set of Bear River seniors. As we transition into the second semester, seniors are coming one step closer to adulthood.

Some say they will go straight to the workforce, some say to college, and others say they haven’t got a clue. In many of these situations, counseling appointments are key. 

Seniors have been through four years of grueling, hard work to get to graduation.

They have been preparing for graduation and the life beyond with the hope that they’ll be ready when they do finally have to step into the real world.

With the hope that the counselors will help guide them into college and the years beyond, they step to the counselors office only to be greeted with waiting lines and sign-up sheets. That’s not fair to the seniors who are months away from graduation.

We at The Current believe that seniors should receive priority over other classes in the counselors office, purely because of the relative closeness that they are to graduation.

Bear River’s Principal Dr. Amy Besler expressed her opinion towards the counselors’ efforts.

“Our counselors do an incredible job making time for every student,” Dr. Besler said. “Having a caseload of over 300 students each is a daunting undertaking and they work tirelessly … I think it’s important to note that, in addition to all the academic counseling they do, our counselors are supporting students with social, emotional, and mental health needs and crises on a daily basis. These needs have increased dramatically among students in recent years and mental health crises, in particular, must take precedence over everything else.”

Senior Johnny Calleri stated his experience with scheduling counseling appointments.

“I got called down a few times, but last time I just walked in,” said Calleri. “Usually (it) doesn’t take that long, cause I go in right after my last class, I have open sixth.”

When asked whether or not seniors have priority, Calleri said that he thought they should.

“Yeah, because for us it’s more immediate, because we’re off next year,” Calleri said.

Senior Katelyn Meylor, a self-declared frequent visitor of her counselor, described her feelings regarding her counselor.

“I love my counselor, she’s helped me so much throughout the years,” said Meylor.

Meylor also said that she didn’t have too much trouble meeting with her counselor.

“Honestly, I think they have a good system,” she said. “You sign up and wait for them to call you out of class.”

However, in regard to the appointment system, there has been some mixed reviews. Senior Tiana Langseth expressed her opinion regarding the counseling system.

“I feel it takes way too long to get counselor appointments, by then it’s just not important,” said Langseth.

She continued.

“Every time I write down for a counselor appointment it doesn’t seem to happen for a couple of days,” said Langseth. “But if I just go in and talk to her, then I can talk to her immediately.”

Even with some differing opinions, The Current still believes that seniors should be getting seniority.

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Editorial: Seniors need counseling seniority for success