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Hope within community from cancer survivor

Freshman Emily Telles was diagnosed with brain cancer at 7 months old, but since becoming cancer free, she has been giving back to her community in a multitude of ways. Photo by Kalei Owen

Emily Telles, a freshman, has a tradition of giving back to the community every year just as they gave back to her.

When Emily was only 7 months old, she was diagnosed with brain cancer. Growing up in hospital beds left her with a lot of time to appreciate the little things in life. With doctors, family, and the non-stop community support she had received, made her want to give back as much as she can.

Senior Alyssa Telles, Emily’s older sister, explained how being by her side throughout the entire experience has made their family stronger at the end of the day.

“I have been close with my sister pretty much my entire life,” said Alyssa. “When … she was diagnosed with brain cancer … I was 2 years old. Pretty much the majority of us growing up, especially through elementary school, we were in and out of hospitals constantly. It was really scary but I would not go back and change any of it because those experiences in the hospitals always ended in the best possible outcomes. It has definitely shaped our family into the family we are today.”

Alyssa went on to explain what type of person Emily is growing up to be and how proud she is being her big sister.

“Through all that she has been through, it definitely has showed me how strong she really is,” said Alyssa, “She has had 5 major brain surgeries, 3 radiation sessions, and chemotherapy once. So she’s a trooper. When I was in 6th grade, she finally became cancer free and has been cancer free since. She is my best friend, and I have never known someone as caring as her in my entire life. I have never been so close anyone like this before, she is amazing. I am so proud of her and I definitely know that she will go on to do something to change the world.”

Emily explained how the community gave back to her in her time of need. This eventually inspired her to, every year on her birthday, give what she can back to the community.

“A lot of people let go balloons and gave me a lot of prayers and sent me gifts,” said Emily. “Some people sent money, which helped with a lot of the treatments. With everybody that gave back to me then, I grew up just wanting to give back to them anyway I could.”

Emily continued.

“I want to do something much bigger and better, but for now I just try and do what I’m most capable of,” said Emily. “A few years back I donated to Animal Save, and this year I let go a whole bunch of balloons that held messages inside of them. I hope that when they pop they can help someone in need, just knowing that someone out there cares.”

Emily left with a statement that proved her selflessness.

“I know you say I’m an amazing person, but I don’t want to be looked at as one,”said Emily. “I’m trying to be the change where this ‘nice thing’ I’m doing, this ‘amazing person’ you see is just normal.”

Freshman Mackenzie Trinidad-Dowdy shared a story about one of the first times Emily helped her, and mentioned how selfless she is.

“I’ve known Emily since the 6th grade,” said Trinidad-Dowdy. “I was failing History my 6th grade year, and she would stay in at lunch with me and help me do all of the homework all the time, and she is the only reason I passed that year. She has always been a really amazing friend, and she has always cared about others more than herself.”

Trinidad-Dowdy further described what she believed Emily will accomplish when she’s older.

“I’ve never met a more whole-hearted, kind, and caring person as Emily,” said Trinidad-Dowdy. “I see her growing up and developing this huge organization to help out cancer patients and survivors.”

Junior Brenna Dickson agrees with Trinidad-Dowdy, and stated how great of a person Emily is.

“Emily is just a really great person,”said Dickson. “She comes to school everyday with this really awesome attitude, and looking to cheer people up. She going to become President one day.”

Bear River Principal, Dr. Amy Besler, is inspired by Emily’s contribution towards her community and sees a significant future ahead of her.

“I can imagine that, as Emily continues to grow throughout her high school journey, she will find even more significant ways to contribute positively to her community,”said Dr. Besler. “I look forward to witnessing all of this unfold! I definitely believe that the small actions of one person can create a wide-reaching ripple effect; Emily is a perfect example of this. Her small actions are inspiring others, who will take her lead in doing kind, thoughtful things in the world.”

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Hope within community from cancer survivor