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Library closures sends message to messy Bruins

Bruins have started to litter in the library during lunch, which has led Mrs. Andrews to close the library during lunchtime. Photo by Taylor Wohlgemuth

Bruins often shelter in the Library when it’s cold and rainy or when they want to relax at lunch. However, due to some messy students, the library has been closing during some of these popular visiting hours.

Senior Zoë Brothers shared her frustration concerning inconsiderate students. She doesn’t like not being able to go into the Library when it’s cold and speculated that it should not be difficult for a student to pick up after themselves.

“It sucks,” she said. “Like it’s stupid kids. (They) should be mature enough to simply pick up after themselves and take care of their mess.”

According to officials, students have been leaving messes in the Library which means the staff have to pick up after them. As a message to messy Bruins, staff have frequently closed the library.

Junior Mackenzie Martin discussed how Library closures affects her. She said most days during the Winter that’s her go-to place.

“I hate that kids make messes, causing the librarians to close the library,” Martin said. “It’s cold and I just want to go inside and hangout with my friends.”

Library Technician Jessica Dax said most kids are pretty well behaved.

“Most students are really good, I won’t lie,” said Ms. Dax. “I think the best way for them to pick up is like the saying ‘pack in, pack out,’ like when you’re camping. You shouldn’t leave stuff you should take everything with you.”

Freshman Shane Preis thinks that it’s not too hard to keep everything cleaned up.

“It’s easy honestly,” explained Preis. “All kids have to do is watch their mess and pick up when the bell rings. How hard can it be to pick up a few pieces of trash and throw them in the garbage?”

Some see it as students being disrespectful and thinking that Maintenance and the librarian staff will just pick up after them no matter how big of a mess is made. 

“I think it’s … stupid,” said Brothers. “I think that some students don’t care about the mess they make. It’s like they just expect someone to pick up after them, no problem.”

Some of Bear River’s staff also find it blatantly disrespectful how some students treat the library. They see a disregard for the Library staff, despite their efforts to provide a comfortable atmosphere.

IT Specialist Anthony Barrios shared his frustration with what he sometimes sees when walking through the Library or going to his office in the back.

“What I find most frustrating is the lack of respect that is shown,” said Barrios. “I feel that the student is well aware that Josie or Jessica will have to eventually find that food and if not, then it’s going to cause other problems. Like ants and bugs eat books.”

Some are upset that, when students are allowed into the library, they don’t take responsibility for what they do. Josie Andrews, Bear River’s Librarian, talked about how sad it is when students don’t pick up after themselves.

“It makes me sad,” said Mrs. Andrews. “It makes me feel sad because I allow kids to eat in here because I want them to have a safe place to hangout. I think that a library is more of a community center and so when they leave trash and are disrespectful, it’s disappointing.”

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Library closures sends message to messy Bruins