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Seniors thrilled to say farewell to high school

Senior Josh Howser blows bubbles in Government instead of paying attention. Photo by Hailey Juergenson

Goodbye teachers, goodbye class, goodbye high school, you can kiss my ass.

Most seniors at Bear River, including myself, believe that this sums up how we feel when we consider the fact that there are only three weeks of school left.

Senior Ivy Pool explained how even though she will miss some aspects of Bear River, her main focus is getting the hell out of here.

“So far senior year has been pretty good,” said Pool. “It’s a lot easier than junior year because you don’t do anything, but I’m so ready to get out of here. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate all the help I’ve gotten, but I’m ready to leave all these scummy people.”

Pool also said that she appreciates the freedom she will gain when it comes to sleep.

“Not having to wake up at 6:30 a.m. everyday is going to be really nice,” said Pool. “Every morning I dread the sound of my alarm clock, and half the time debate on even coming to school.”

Senior Chandler Looper elaborated on the fact that despite how easy the school year has been, there is an itch to leave, and to leave now.

“I’m very happy to finally be leaving Bear River because I get to start on what I actually want to do in life,” said Looper. “Senior year has been easy, but after a while you get tired of the same routine, and I’m ready to change that.”

Looper added that even though he was lucky to attend Bear River, every school has its faults.

“Compared to other schools, Bear River is at the top of the list,” said Looper. “I feel very lucky that I went here rather than any other high school, but with that said, I’m a lot happier to finally get away from all the rules and restrictions that happen to come with BR.”

On a happier note, other students and staff said that they feel as though their high school experience has been wonderful.

Senior Isabella Batula explained about how her last year has impacted her.

“It’s been very fun, chaotic, but rewarding,” said Batula. “I feel as though I have accomplished what I needed to, and what I’ve wanted to. Not only have I achieved academically, but I’ve gotten into the college I wanted to and I’ve taken a step back. I feel like I have made a good effort to say goodbye to the school and all the people in it.”

Batula explained what she will miss most about Bear River.

“Definitely the people,” said Batula. “The community here is really strong and compacted. Growing up, I moved around a lot so I really didn’t have a core group of friends. So it really wasn’t until highschool that I developed that core group. And I’ve stuck with them and were still all friends now and holding strong. I know in the future I will still have a lot of connections with this place.”

Some of the aforementioned seniors gave their closing statements on what they would say to their fellow graduates.

“I really just want people to acknowledge that I got taller,” said Pool.

“Goodbye strangers, it’s been nice, I hope you find your paradise,” said Looper.

“High school is a requirement, but it was a choice as to how you went about it,” said Batula. “And the next step you’re taking is your choice whether or not you want to keep these connections or sever them and develop new ones in the future. We do all have this place in common, no matter how you guys look at it. Just remember that we all start from the same place, wherever we choose to go in life.”

Students come and go each year, and most of them don’t consider the impact they have on their teachers.

Bear River’s Principal Dr. Amy Besler showed the love as she talked about how this year has gone, and how proud she was to have been the principal of the 2018 graduating class.

“This school year has been amazing in so many ways,” said Dr. Besler, “and, as usual, has gone by way too fast. I am so proud of everything our students have accomplished this year and have so enjoyed getting to know so many students much better this year, too… it’s definitely a bittersweet feeling.”

Dr. Besler reminisced on when she first met the 2018 graduating class three years ago.  

“I met these seniors at the beginning of their sophomore year,” said Dr. Besler. “They were so young and so sweet and welcoming to me, and it’s unbelievable to see how much they’ve grown and changed right before my eyes. I feel this amazing bond with them, as we’ve spent these three years together and we’ve been through so much together… They are so fun-loving, silly, bold, courageous, and genuine. I will miss their kindness, their dedication to one another and Bear River, and their incredible determination in the face of adversity. They have inspired me in so many ways.”

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Seniors thrilled to say farewell to high school