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Is high school love real?

Junior Gabi Corallejo hugs her boyfriend Junior Wyatt Ronk. Photo by Zach Fink

In movies, we see so many examples of high schoolers that supposedly find love: Troy and Gabriella, Danny and Sandy, Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley. We hear stories of “high school sweethearts,” but these days you walk around the hallways and hear rumors of who has a fling with who. In high school, is there truly love or is there just lust?

Some broken-hearted Bruins don’t believe we all know what the meaning of love truly is.

“In my opinion, a lot of us don’t really know what love is,” said Sophomore Madison Barrett. “We think we do, but when it comes to a time when we think we found love, it ends up disappointing us. I just recently got my heart broken in a relationship that I thought was love but I found out was just a high school fling. A lot of us are not at that stage to know what love is, but the lucky few who think they found it? I say go for it because it’s only once in a lifetime where you can find that connection.”

Leadership Teacher Matt MacDonald gave his opinion on the high school definition of love.

“I think kids know what love is; there are different types of love,” said Mr. MacDonald. “I think that people confuse the difference between love and lust. I feel like, although kids can fall in love, the definitions that kids have of love are different. Somebody’s perception of love and what it is versus another’s is always an interesting conversation.”

Students agreed that high school relationships can go either way. 

“I think they work out sometimes, and other times, they don’t,” said Junior Hannah James. “The people that expect them to always work out need to take a life evaluation, because they don’t always work out. When they do, it’s really nice and sweet and cute, but sometimes when it doesn’t, it’s really bad and traumatic.”

Some Bruins, like Senior Brittney Rogers, feel that there is a pressure surrounding dating in high school.

“I think a lot of people do feel pressured to date in high school, but there are also situations where there is just a connection they want to have together,” said Rogers. “It’s just about them, not about what everyone else thinks.”

Others agreed with Rogers.

“I think it could go both ways,” said Senior Dylan Sinclair. “A relationship with pressure will probably last two months. If you actually have a connection, you can go all of high school.”

Some students have other thoughts on pressure.

“I think it depends on who you hang out with,” said Sophomore Emily Telles. “So, if you hang out with friends who are more academically focused, then you are not going to get as much pressure than somebody who is more focused on school culture and society around the school.”

Students gave their thoughts on how long high school relationships can last.

I think some of them can last, with the right person,” said Telles. “I don’t think most of them will.”

Another student, Senior Jaden Watson, had his own thoughts. Watson has had the same girlfriend since his sophomore year.

“It depends if you have an actual connection, then yes,” said Watson. “If you are just dating to date, then probably not.”

“I think people can get through a high school relationship and, one day, get married,” said Barrett. “I have people in my family who met in high school. I hope, one day, that happens to me.”

Students shared their thoughts on whether or not you can fall in love in high school.

“I definitely think it is possible,” said Senior Mackenzie Martin. “I have heard stories about people meeting in high school, falling in love, and staying together for the rest of their lives.”

Another student agreed.

“There are older married couples who started dating in high school,” said Senior Jazzlyn Jasper, who is dating Watson.

Some believe as students get older there is a posibility to find true love.

“I think that two people can fall in love in high school,” said Barrett. “I don’t think as a freshman or sophomore. As they grow older, into their junior or senior year, people can definitely develop stronger relationships romantically, and know what love more or less is.”

Mr. MacDonald explained his thoughts on high school love.

“I feel like, right now, it’s harder for kids to disconnect than it was when I was in high school,” said Mr. MacDonald. “It feels like you have a constant obligation to be in constant connection with the person, whereas, back in the day, you couldn’t text them or be in constant contact and you had to wait.”

I don’t believe that it is possible to fall in love in high school. You are to young and it might be nice to have a relationship during high school but I don’t believe it can go anywhere, so no I don’t think it is possible to fall in love in high school.

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Is high school love real?