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How to be single on Valentine’s Day

Senior Rochelle Kneemeyer often treats her friends to chocolate on Valentine’s Day. Photo by Martin Foster.

Valentine’s Day is the holiday on which Cupid is ‘celebrated,’ or the day on which couples act all lovey-dovey.

This year some Bruins wanted to express their thoughts on how to be single on Valentine’s Day.

Senior Ashley Darr shared her thoughts on Valentine’s Day.

“I have been single all my life,” she said. “[Valentine’s Day] feels forced, like you are forced to be super affectionate and it doesn’t make it enjoyable.”

Senior Rochelle Kneemeyer talked about her plans for Valentine’s Day.

“I buy some chocolate, I sometimes get my friends something sweet,” she said. “I basically just have a me day.”

Senior Mackenzie Martin shared her thoughts about Valentine’s Day after recently coming out of a relationship.

“I believe that I always have a friend to hang out with,” she said. “It’s never just me, last year my friend and I got each other chocolate.”

Freshman Natalie Darr shared her plans for Valentine’s Day.

“I don’t look forward to seeing all of the lovey-dovey couples,” she explains. “I definitely look forward to eating a bunch of chocolate.”

N. Darr explains how she makes Valentine’s Day a little less depressing.

“My sister and I always eat a bunch of chocolate,” she said. “Sometimes my dad will go out and buy us some chocolate.”

Martin explained whether or not being single on Valentine’s Day affects her mood.

“For the most part, it doesn’t affect me,” she said. “If I have a crush, and I see them with someone else, then I get upset and sad.”

Kneemeyer said that she agreed with Martin.

“It kind of does because I am like, ‘aww, how cute, I want that,’” she explains. “Although, at the same time, I am like, ‘ew, affection.’”

Librarian Jessica Dax shares her advice for single people this year.

“Make it fun, don’t make it about what you don’t have, watch some movies,” she said. “The next day, buy all the chocolate half off.”

N. Darr explained what her least favorite thing about Valentine’s Day is.

“I really dislike all the couples who show a bunch of PDA,” she said. “Especially since I don’t have anyone.”

A. Darr agreed with her sister.

“All the couples are always making out,” she said. “It feels almost like they are trying to say, ‘hey, I am in a relationship, look at me.’”

She went on to share what her least favorite part of Valentine’s Day is.

“My least favorite part about [Valentine’s Day] is the fact that it exists,” she said. “Like, let’s just have a second Thanksgiving instead.”

Kneemeyer had her own opinion

“All the couples, they are annoying,” she said. “The color pink is everywhere, it’s so cliche.”

Ms. Dax explains her thoughts on the difference between being in a relationship on Valentine’s Day and being single.

“When you are in a relationship, there are expectations, plans,” she said. “If you’re single, you can make the day what you want it to be.”

Ms. Dax explains her thoughts on Valentine’s Day.

“Sometimes, if you are in a relationship for a while, then you need a reminder to make someone feel special,” she said. “That’s okay, but if you are forced to get someone something on Valentine’s Day, and you don’t want to, then that’s not okay.”

I have plans for Valentine’s Day this year, I am going to buy chocolate and ice cream and watch sappy rom-coms on Netflix, like The Notebook and A Walk To Remember. I am then going to go and get after Valentine’s Day sales on chocolates and bears, because who doesn’t love chocolate? I do this almost every year, because it proves that you don’t need a partner to have fun on Valentine’s Day. 

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How to be single on Valentine’s Day