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Do Bruins pay attention to their ‘core values?’

Signs of Bruin Core Values are shown throughout the school. Photo by Zach Fink

When entering Bear River, students are informed of the five Core Values which shape a Bruin;  integrity, grit, empathy, intellectual and creative curiosity, and last but not least, community.

According to the student handbook, these values were created to “reflect what it means to be a Bruin … each staff member, student, and family and community partner strives to embody these ideals, both at Bear River and beyond it, in the larger community.” Yet, we seem to have fallen away from these standards to the point of not even being aware of what they are.

Freshman Jordan McAlister gave her opinion on whether or not she thinks the Core Values are paid attention to.

“Definitely not, because I don’t think anyone has that much integrity,” said McAlister. “I mean, we’re all high school students, and I don’t think anyone here takes anything seriously, to be fair.”

She went on to explain whether or not she believes that they’re an important part of our community.  

“Well, I mean, to maintain structure at school, yes, but anything other than that, not really,” she concluded.

When asked about the Core Values, Senior Noah Carter had little to say.

I have no idea what [the] Core Values [are],” Carter said.

Alexander Hartman, a freshman, explained why he believes the Core Values have been close to forgotten, yet are still an important aspect of our culture.  

I think most of [the Core Values] are taken seriously, I just feel like it’s something most students don’t pay attention to because nobody ever really talks about them,” Hartman said.

Sophomore Michael Claspi shared his opinion on the matter.

I love the Bruin Core Values,” said Claspi.

Freshman Jordan Vogt gave her opinion on whether or not she believes that the Core Values are taken seriously here at Bear River.

Not really, I’m pretty sure that students mostly ignore them and just go on with their lives as if they aren’t there,” Vogt explained. “They’re not taken seriously because everyone’s focused on school work and social stuff versus, ‘Yes, be a better person.’ I think they could be [more important] if they were more in the classroom, like if they were actually taught and not just ‘Here’s a poster, ignore it.’”

Bear River’s Principal, Christopher Roberts, explained why he believes that these values are still a huge part of our school and community.

I think that, just like most schools, 90% of the students at Bear River are doing a good job,” said Mr. Roberts. “I think that they try and live the Core Values because the Core Values are qualities that a good person just lives by. Being a Bruin, heck, being a good human being, should be at the top of everyone’s list of priorities while they attend Bear River High School, and as they go out into the world after high school.”

He continued by explaining why he believes that they should be taken seriously, and the effect that they will have on students later in life.

“Students should absolutely pay more attention to the Core Values,” Mr. Roberts said. “As they prepare for college, a job, and possibly having a family, living the Core Values will give them the best chance at success and will, ultimately, bring them happiness in their life. I’ve come to find that I’ve had the best results with people, with my job, with my family, and with myself, when I lived by some set of core values.”

Mr. Roberts concluded with a message and a warning to Bruins that he hopes they will remember throughout their high school careers and lives.

“If your goals in life don’t include being a good person, (living the Core Values) then you’re going to live, and die, a very unhappy individual,” he said. “More doors of opportunity will open for you when you are a good person.”

Therefore, the Bruin Core Values are an important part of our culture as a school that has become forgotten as time went on, and it’s time for a change.

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Do Bruins pay attention to their ‘core values?’