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Cold winter chills Bruins to the bone

Freshmen Jade and Mariah Thibodeau, along with fellow Freshmen Sam Evans, put up their hoods to keep out the rain as they sit at a covered table. Photo by Maddie Meilinger.

Bruins are experiencing the chill of a late winter this year, and most say that they are enjoying it.

“I like the cold weather,” said Junior Colby Greig.

Assistant Librarian, Jessica Dax, shared similar views.

“I enjoy cold more than heat, so I don’t mind it,” she said.

On the other hand, some students beg to differ – they say that they miss the warm weather of the spring and summer months.

“I really don’t enjoy cold weather,” said Junior Grace McDaniel. “I would rather be hot than cold.”

“I only like the cold if I’m inside and don’t have to feel it,” said Junior Caitlin Royston.

Due to the weather conditions, Bruins had not one, but two “snow days” which some Bruins said that, as per usual, there wasn’t much snow in their near vicinity.

“I didn’t get any snow at my house,” said Greig.

McDaniel said that she thought that even though there wasn’t any snow at her house, the roads were icy and taking the snow day off was a good general safety precaution.

“Although I didn’t have much snow at my house I feel like the snow day was reasonable, because for many people it would have been difficult to get to school,” said McDaniel. “It’s also better to be safe about driving conditions when so many teenagers aren’t used to driving in the wet and icy conditions.”

Junior Becca Reese said that she also took precautions to avoid the danger of wet conditions, and therefore took advantage of the day off.

“As there was quite a bit of snow in town and it wasn’t safe for NU to get to school,” she said. “I think it was a great day to do things that didn’t involve school.”

Due to rain, snow, ice, and wind, students said that they are bundling up to keep warm.

“I stay warm by staying inside and bundling up next to the fire,” said Reese.

Though most seemed to think that staying inside was the best idea, some said that they implement additional tactics to stay warmed up.

“I stay inside as much as possible, but I also try to do some exercise to warm myself up,” said McDaniel.

Greig emphasized thick clothing to trap in the heat.

“I stay inside, or I wear layers like a normal person,” said Grieg.

Bruins said that whether or not they had snow at their house during the snow days, they enjoyed a variety of cold weather activities – from sledding, to snowball fighting, to simply making a steaming cup of hot cocoa topped with fluffy marshmallows.

“The only good part about the cold is drinking hot cocoa,” said McDaniel.

Sophomore Connor McGehee talked about where he goes to find snow, since he can’t find it most of the time at his own home.

“I like to go with my family and go to the snow at our house in Tahoe and play and sled on the huge snow hill we have, and drink hot chocolate and have snowball fights,” said McGehee.

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Cold winter chills Bruins to the bone