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‘Wizard of Oz’ themed Sadie Hawkins twists expectations

Senior Madison Templeton works in Leadership, the group of people who brainstormed and planned the upcoming Sadie Hawkins dance. Photo by Bella Ferrari.

Taking place on Friday, March 22 at Bear River High School and lasting from 8 p.m. until 10 p.m., this years’ Sadie’s Dance is just around the corner.

The Sadie Hawkins dance is named and designed after a well-known comic strip, Li’l Abner created by its author, Al Capp and is focused on the character Sadie Hawkins. In the comic strip, on a specific day in November, all of the unmarried women would get the opportunity to chase the bachelors and marry the ones that they caught. Now we have a dance to honor the idea of female students asking out male students.  

Junior Callahan (Scout) Pettitt explained why she believes that Bear River hosts a Sadie’s dance.

“I think they host [the dance] because they want to show that they believe in equality between men and women,” Pettitt said. “Honestly [though], I don’t think this dance is different. Plenty of girls ask guys to other dances, I know plenty. I have no idea why there’s a separate dance but I guess it’s fine.”

Fellow Junior Karah Echternacht provided her opinion on why she believes that a dance dedicated to girls asking out guys, is a good idea.

“My opinion on a girls ask the guys dance is [that it’s] genius because it provides gender equality,” Echternacht said. “It gives girls who normally don’t get asked to dances a voice.”

She continued on to explain the difference between the Sadie’s dance and all of the others that are hosted throughout the year.

“There is a difference, because normally only couples go, but this [gives] girls a chance to ask whoever they want,” said Echternacht.

Sophomore Nickelle Riesland explained her view of the importance behind the dance.

“I think it is important to have these memories to look back on and have with you throughout your whole life…” said Riesland.

She continued on to give her opinion on this years’ theme, the Wizard of Oz.

“I sort of like it,” Riesland said. “I wish it was a more fun dress up type of theme like the jungle dance or something like the end-of-the-year dance where you get like costumes or cute outfits to match each other. I think we should have just picked the disco theme because everyone is getting mixed up seeing the “Silent Disco” and the “Wizard of Oz” posters up everywhere around school.”

Leadership Teacher, Matt MacDonald explained why they decided to bring a Sadie’s dance back to Bear River.

“It’s our first attempt to bring one back,” Mr. MacDonald said. “We had one several years ago, as recent as about ten years ago and we’ve talked for a long time about trying to bring one back and a lot of people have talked about wanting to have one. March dances are always tough just because there’s a lot of events going on in March with spring sports and stuff like that. We’re just going to see how it goes and it’s going to be fun.”

He continued on to talk about the thought process behind the Wizard of Oz theme.

“We had actually discussed a Wizard of Oz theme for a while, for a lot of the other dances,” said Mr. MacDonald. “I think that it’s a really cool concept. We’ve got some great decorations, some great costumes, and some great spirit days that have been pretty easy to do. The thought process really was that we had a theme that we really liked that we’ve never done before. We try to cycle through themes so that we’re not doing the same ones over and over again.”

He concluded with sharing an invitation to all Bruins.

“I think honestly it’s really just another opportunity for kids to do something fun…” Mr. MacDonald said. “So let’s just get together and have a safe and positive time.”

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‘Wizard of Oz’ themed Sadie Hawkins twists expectations