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Bruins worked up over weekend homework

Freshman Molly Fowler takes care of her long-term assigned reading. Photo by Makenna Hensley.

Weekend homework being a boring experience is something many students can agree on. Some wish that it wasn’t there at all, while others see some necessity in it.

Having to work over the weekend isn’t something people enjoy. A lot of students see the weekend as a time to relax, to have fun with friends, and to do your own thing. But sometimes, one has to do homework. Whether it be for the extra credit for that one percent change to raise your grade, or to make up an assignment you failed really badly, weekend homework can be necessary. How students feel about the matter varies from student to student.

Senior Sydney Buckman stated her opinion on the matter.

“I hate it, it’s stupid, teachers never even really grade it that much, anyways,” she said. “It just brings your grade down if you don’t it. A lot of people work on the weekends, especially seniors.”

Sophomore Gavin Jackson felt similarly.

“I think it’s a little unfair,” he said. “You go to school for six hours, then you go home, do two hours of homework, then you get the weekend off, but, if you have weekend homework, you’ve got to do that.”

Some students felt that weekend homework shouldn’t be allowed at all, that the teachers shouldn’t be allowed to assign it. Students like Sophomore Evan Manson-Pawlaczyk said as much.

“I don’t think it should be allowed, because, on weekends, I race dirt bikes, and I’m gone from Friday night to Sunday evening, so I don’t get a lot of time to do it,” he said.

However, some other students accepted weekend homework, or even saw some necessity in it.

Buckman explained her reasoning on the matter.

“They can do whatever they want,” she said. “I mean, a lot of my teachers don’t do it anymore, I’m a senior, and they’ve come to realize that seniors don’t do homework, ever. I don’t normally have it, and I feel like they should have the right to assign whatever they want, but I feel that they should not, because it messes with a lot of people, and a lot of the extracurriculars people do, like sports, plays, and Fantasy of Stars.”

Sophomore Macey Fowler agreed with having weekend homework, stating how it was important for students to learn.

“[Teachers] should [be allowed to assign weekend homework], because it’s important to do,” she said. “If you don’t have some assignments over the weekend in certain subjects, you can forget really easily.”

Whenever a student has a lot of homework to complete, there can be negative effects on them, especially during the weekend, which many see as a time to relax, have fun, and do personal activities.

Junior Selina Breeze stated how weekend homework affected her.

“Oh yeah, if you have a lot of homework, you can get stressed out, and I think a lot of teachers don’t understand that you sometimes get a lot of homework from one teacher,” she said. “They’ll say, ‘Oh, well, it’s not that much, it’s only fifteen sentences for a body paragraph,’ but they don’t understand that I have 40 problems for Physics and Math to study for, and all that. Also, it stresses you out and makes you really tired, and the stress sometimes weighs you down.”

Jackson had fixed feelings about how weekend homework affects students.

“Other than the fact that I couldn’t hang out with my friends and stuff like that, education wise, no, there are benefits [to weekend homework], but not that many.”

Freshman Sarah Holden had her own opinion on the topic.

“I feel like they should be allowed to assign it if the student hasn’t done the work or if they have been absent, and they just need catch all the work up, but, if the student has done everything, I don’t see that there’s a reason to give weekend homework,” she said. “I think you should give the students an option to do it on the weekend, but not make it required, instead of making a three-day assignment over the weekend, give them three days in class to do it.”

Personally, as a freshman (and someone who’s been homeschooled for the majority of his life), I can’t really say much about homework being assigned over the weekend for me, but, from what I’ve experienced so far, it can be thoroughly annoying if you don’t stay on top of it, but it can be necessary if handled correctly. Many students I have talked to and are friends with would agree that weekend homework is a bad thing because it takes up your personal time, but it does help you learn skills and methods faster. So, my advice to you, fellow Bruins, don’t put off your schoolwork for later, because there are some seriously bad consequences if you do. But that doesn’t mean you can’t relax on the weekend. Holden talked about her opinion on this.

“The weekend’s like your recuperation time, it’s when you rest, it’s when you have other activities that you do, it’s when you go shopping and have a social life rather than stick around at school for eight hours of the day, so, when you have weekend homework, it eats up your time, and you don’t have time to do anything else you like,” she said.

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Bruins worked up over weekend homework