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Students benefit from after school jobs

Senior Brinley Jeffers is a Bear River student who scored a sweet job at Lazy Dog Chocolateria in Grass Valley. Photo by Taylor Wohlgemuth.

As Bruins reach an age where they are eligible to start working, many ponder whether or not it will actually benefit them; however, there are a variety of ways it can benefit any student.

Some students regularly have work after school and can maintain that responsibility throughout the school year, along with getting good grades and living a healthy social life, but some students cannot balance all things at once for a wide range of reasons.

Counselor Cindy Henry-Grimm shared her general feelings on the matter.

In general, I think that a student having a part time job is a great thing,” she said. “It teaches responsibility and increases fiscal appreciation and accountability.

A few students also had opinions on whether or not having an after school job was beneficial.

“I 100% think that after school jobs are very beneficial,” said Senior Wyatt Ronk. “It shows kids what it’s like to have a responsible other than school and it allows to make money which they can learn to save early, which may allow them to retire early.”

“I believe that after school jobs are beneficial because we pretty much see what kind of field we want to work in,” said Senior Brinley Jeffers.

I agree with this statement. Personally, I am too young to work yet, but I would consider having a job after school for this reason. I would also like to add that volunteering can have a similar effect as far as discovering a career path goes.

There was minor dispute on whether or not it can take away focus on school.

“It can teach them responsibility; however, it may also hinder their focus solely on school,” said Sophomore Jaclyn Voisine.

“Depending on the kid, I think that it more than likely won’t as long as they are actually willing to do good in school,” said Ronk.

“Honestly, it does take away my focus on school because sometimes the lack of sleep,” said Jeffers. “It [is] not just work that gives me lack of sleep but the homework that was given the day of.”

“That depends on several factors beginning and ending with student responsibility,” said Ms. Henry-Grimm. “Students that respect the value of their education for the long term life skills it provides will continue to focus their energy on their studies.”

Everyone seemed to agree, though, that having an after school job can affect responsibility in a positive manner.

“I think it is positive because they know not to half-ass everything,” said Jeffers. “If that is the case, then you won’t get the paycheck that you wanted.”

“It affects students’ responsibility in a positive way because it gives them their own thing to do,” said Voisine.

I think it affects students positively, for it teaches them to balance multiple things at once. It teaches lifelong skills at a young age, mainly responsibility.

A few students who have jobs (or used to have jobs) explained whether or not they would recommend it to others.

“I had a part time job and it was mostly during summer and weekends, so I’m not sure how it affected my performance in school,” said Voisine. “However, I would recommend it to other students.”

“I think that it has affected me positively in all ways,” said Ronk. “School is more fun to me, cause you’re allowed to have fun, while at work, fun is minimal.”

Ms. Henry-Grimm described why she’d advise certain students to take up a part-time job.

“If a student has average or above grades, good attendance, positive relationships with peers, staff, and family, I think that a part time job can help them learn more about the working world and be a good thing,” she said. “If a student is already struggling to find that work life balance at school, it might be time to rethink priorities.”

She also gave a warning to all students who are considering taking up an after school job.

“It’s easy to be seduced by the appeal of a regular paycheck, but be aware that affording all the fun things that your pending independence brings can be far more costly than it appears,” she said. “Living with family it’s easy to miss all the underlying expenses that you actually need. Finishing school and getting training/skills is the best way to insure you can live comfortably long term.”

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Students benefit from after school jobs