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Early pumpkin spice not so nice

Technology Services Tech Anthony Barrios drinks coffee, a beverage that is often flavored by pumpkin spice in the fall. Photo by Kirsten Briscoe.

It’s early September, and people everywhere are already sipping on Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Latte (PSL). On August 26, Starbucks released this long-awaited yearly fall classic. 

When asked what their favorite Pumpkin Spice treat was, Bruins such as Micah Brown, a junior, said this drink was their favorite.

“Probably Pumpkin Spice Lattes,” he said.

Brown was echoed by other students, such as Senior Valerie Kirk.

“Pumpkin Spice Latte,” she said regarding her favorite.

These latte lovers all said that the best place to get one was, of course, a classic coffee shop.

“Starbucks,” Kirk said.

This savory and sweet flavor was adored by many Bear River students including Senior Chris Elias.

“I love the flavor of pumpkin spice,” he said, “I like it in muffins, I like it in drinks, but I don’t like it in early September.”

Many other students agreed with him, feeling it was too early to start having pumpkin spice.

“Yes! [it’s too early],” said Senior Jenna LaPlante, “It’s not even October.”

Colby Lunsford, a junior, also considered September too early to start having fall treats, citing the weather as the reason why.

“It’s way too early,” he said, “It’s still hot outside.”

Throughout the school, opinions were different about what was the right time to break out the fall flavors.

“July,” said Junior Olivia Lyman.

Elias’ answer was significantly later than Lyman’s.

“Either late September, early October whenever the seasons kinda change and it’s not 100 degrees,” he said. “I’ll start to feel it, you’ll feel it.”

LaPlante agreed, saying it was better to hold the autumn flavors until autumn.

“When it’s actually fall,” she said.

Though Lyman said July was a good time for Pumpkin Spice flavors, she said she usually doesn’t get her first sweet until much later.

“October,” she said.

Both Bruins who said that Pumpkin Spice Lattes were their favorite also said that it wasn’t too early for pumpkin spice. Neither Brown or Kirk felt that it was too early to start having fall flavors.

“No, because it’s just a flavor,” Brown said.

Kirk expressed her opinion with less of an explanation.

“It’s never too early,” she said.

Most students who felt that it was too early preferred other delicacies.

“Definitely some sort of cupcake or muffin,” Elias said. “Something sweet that has pumpkin spice, I would say. Definitely a cupcake or muffin.”

And the best place to get one?

“Definitely Costco,” Elias said, “Costco saves lives.”

Olivia Lyman, a junior, however, had an opinion that was an outlier. She said that it was not too early, but she said that cookies were her favorite.

“Probably the cookies,” she said, “Like pumpkin spice cookies.”

When asked what was their favorite seasonal flavor was, peppermint was the consensus favorite.

“I like mint,” said LaPlante.

Lyman also said that mint was her annal flavor of choice.

“Peppermint.” Lyman said, “From Christmas.”

Pumpkin spice is a sign of the changing seasons, and although it is getting colder, it’s not fall yet. Pumpkin spice can hold on just a little bit longer.

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Early pumpkin spice not so nice