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Varsity Football injuries a strain on season

The Bruin Varsity football team has experienced several injuries this season. Photo by Maddie Meilinger

The Bruin Varsity Football team has been tackled with many sets of injuries this season.

Longtime Co-Head Coach and Athletic Director Scott Savoie listed some of the injuries that the team has experienced this year.

“On Varsity, we had a broken clavicle, two concussions, and a sprained ankle and knee so far,” said Coach Savoie. “Last year, we hardly had any injuries on the varsity football team and never lost one player for an entire game due to injury.”

Senior Quarterback Tre Maronic was out with a broken clavicle in a game against the number one team in the league, the Center Cougars. However, he is back in the game and played against the Marysville Indians on November 1.

 “[I] broke [my] collar bone against Center,” said Maronic. “I’ve had to be on the sidelines for the end of my senior year.”

Others, like Junior Nathan Wilson, have also experienced injuries within this season. 

“Throughout the season I’ve dealt with several injuries from my feet to my knees, back, and neck,” said Wilson “All of which affect how I play during the season.”

Some have also experienced different injuries to a lesser extreme.

“This year I broke and sprained some fingers but that’s all really,” said Junior Justin McKim. “It’s was tough to catch at first but now it’s easier.”

With any injuries, there are worries about how the team is affected.

“I’m worried I won’t be able to come back this season,” said Maronic. “… and [I’m] worried about other injuries with the team.”

Some said that they believed time would heal all the injuries.

“For the team injuries, I believe that there is no way to heal injuries faster than they are gonna heal,” said Wilson. “Like you can’t immediately make yourself better so I just believe we need to come together as a team to pick up any extra work that the injured person can no longer do.”

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), 9.1% of high school students reported that they had experienced at least one concussion, and football is no exception to that. However, Coach Savoie said that the safety of the team is the highest priority, including high tech to protect the players.

“Of course we as coaches are concerned when our players get hurt,” said Coach Savoie. “Their overall well-being always comes first. We do everything we can to keep them safe by buying the best equipment possible, weight training and conditioning, and teaching proper technique, which all contributes to player safety.”

He went on to elaborate on the equipment.

“Every BR football player wears a helmet that has several sensors that measure high impact,” he said. “If a player takes on a ‘big hit,’ a coach and/or team doctor has a handheld monitor that alerts us about that player.  We can then check them to make sure they are ok. We are one of the only high schools in the greater Sacramento area that is using this technology.” 

Coach Savoie also discussed Base Line Testing, which is required for all athletes, not just football.

“Our school district has a very comprehensive Head Injury Protocol, which all athletes suspected of incurring a concussion must follow,” said Coach Savoie. “[These] athletes are Base Line Tested, which is a cognitive test that gives us a ‘baseline’ before a head injury to compare against.  Again, we see player safety as very important across the board with all sports at Bear River.”

Despite the setbacks that they’ve had, the Bruin Varsity Football team is still ready to fight to win this season.

“Anyone reading this who has injuries, try not to get down because it may take time but you will return and if you work hard you will come back better than ever,” said Wilson.

“The only thing to add is to come out and support not only your football teams but all of our athletic teams,” said Coach Savioe. “We have some great athletes at Bear River and some high caliber teams.  Come out and support!”

“Never doubt the Bruins,” said McKim.

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Varsity Football injuries a strain on season