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DeCicco Swept Up In Disaster That Is The Broncos

By Jacob Dickie, Monica Meszaros, Esmé Guerra & Johnathan Yoho

Bear River teacher Mike DeCicco is under suspicion of being partially responsible for Broncos horrible recent seasons.

DeCicco may be guilty of creating the Broncos horrible playbook in the last couple years while he lived in Colorado. Despite the skill on this famous team, the plays he created were the major downfall of their season. Many fans nationwide have shown disappointment, and are quick to blame DeCicco for the loss of their high hopes, and sad conclusions in their fantasy football leagues.

Throughout the last several years, and blatantly bad performances of the Broncos, DeCicco has been investigated multiple times but does not yet have a court date.

These allegations have taken an obvious toll on DeCicco’s personal life. He has displayed obvious distress toward the situation and the team’s horrible seasons. As his son, senior Zackary DeCicco explains, “He hasn’t stopped talking about the Broncos for months since they keep on losing.”

Obviously his father has faced severe problems concerning his favorite team’s season.

Now, there may be more information regarding his negative behavior. Mike DeCicco tends to complain less about specific players on the team, and more about the playbook, as his son tells us.

“Since the fail of the playbook, all he does anymore is sit at home and watch TV while binge eating ice cream,” Zack said. “He’s embarrassed about the playbook, so he won’t stop talking about how bad the Broncos suck.”

Obviously Mike’s unstable state of mind has affected many loved ones, family members and even students. This has taken a serious toll on Zack. He is constantly trying to support his father, who is in a severe need of therapy.

Sophomore Lilly Werntz testifies to DeCicco’s poor mental state, and claims he is not well enough to teach at all.

“Just not really teaching I guess anymore he’s kinda receded into himself,” Werntz said. “He’s too scared of being found, at least in my class.

“Sometimes we have to call his son Zack to calm him down because he’s, you know, crying in the backroom. But other than that he is okay.”

Werntz has even more proof towards his mental decline.

“Well I have him first period and I usually think that it’s going to be the beginning of the day and he’d start of well but not now,” she said. “When someone knocks on the door he just runs and hides. He has turned to chocolate milk — actually drinking on the job.

“We aren’t supposed to say anything because every day he rants and rants about how it’s not real and he’s innocent, but it’s just really scary to see him like that.”

Werntz is convinced of his guiltiness, and says “I don’t think his lawyer will be enough for him to get him out of this he knows what he did and they will find justice.”

As for DeCicco, he does not want to share any information without a lawyer, and has no comment on the situation. The private investigator in this case would like to stay anonymous and keep all evidence confidential. Guilty or innocent, it’s been hard to watch for anybody close to DeCicco — be it students, friends and even his own family. There have been numerous tragedies in his miserable life as the recent NFL seasons have passed.

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DeCicco Swept Up In Disaster That Is The Broncos