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Evil Lair Being Built Under ‘Solar Project’ In Parking Lot

Photo Illustration by Mike DeCicco

Bear River students Hunter Martin, Zoe Myers and Rachel Sartori are claiming that five Bear River teachers are building an underground lair to communicate with extraterrestrial life, using the construction of “solar power parking covers” as cover.
These students claim that Andrew Barhydt, Shannon Busse, MIke DeCicco, Gayne Nakako and Peter Gammelgard are all using their skills to develop new technologies to communicate with E.T., their suspected leader.
Sartori says they uncovered many clues leading them to believe in this conspiracy theory.
“First of all, doesn’t it seem suspicious that this project has been taking forever? I believe that they are building something underneath the parking lot, and whatever it is, it isn’t good,” she says.
Martin has also stumbled upon some clues that they could use to prosecute the teachers.
“I was walking to school on a Monday morning and I saw the five teachers climbing out of a hole in the parking lot. I thought they were supposed to be in a teacher’s meeting,” he remarked.
Principal Chris Roberts also recalls not seeing this group in the Monday meetings.
“Yeah, ever since we started the solar project, they haven’t been attending the meetings,” he said. “We had to stop the project because we detected radiation under the parking lot. We had to put a halt to it.”
Roberts has no idea why there was radiation detected, but Myers says she has an idea.
“I was watching the news a couple of weeks ago, and I saw something huge happened. A group stole plutonium and uranium from a nuclear power plant,” Myers said. “I guess the CIA has gotten into it, but they have only one lead — a Broncos jersey was left behind,” she said.
Later that week, DeCicco was heard crying because he lost his beloved Broncos jersey.
The group of students said that they had all confronted the teachers about their absences at the meetings.
“They all came up with excuses, but their stories didn’t match,” Myers said. “Barhydt said he was talking with Busse, but the two weren’t seen together. Gammelgard says he was getting coffee with Nakano, but his students said that he was drinking tea on Monday. The others had no comments.”
Sartori, Myers and Martin all find these suspicious, but it gets even more twisted.
Martin had scheduled a flex with Gammelgard to get some help with homework. He said he arrived early and saw all the teachers in his classroom.
“I opened the door to listen to their conversation, and I heard them saying really weird things like, ‘They are on to us’ and ‘Does E.T. have a plan for us’ as well as ‘Boy that uranium is making me feel sick!’. I immediately left to tell Zoe and Rachel.”
The team decided to go investigate the construction zones and found something truly menacing.
“We found what we were looking for, an underground lair. It was everything we expected, exposed wire and giant computers with a million buttons. It was so dark and cold, and in the corner, a nuclear reactor, most likely to power everything,” they all blurted at once.
Sartori remarked that there was a giant radio, the most powerful she had ever seen.
“It was giant! They are probably using it to communicate, but not with people on Earth, with extraterrestrial life,” she said.
Their suspected leader is E.T. from the movie E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial as there were portraits of him covering the teacher’s lair.
While Sartori, Myers, and Martin suspect that E.T. needs their help with something, and they believe that an audio clip they captured has some information they can use.
“Teachers, how far along are your space lasers? And how about those pesky students, make sure they don’t catch us. We can’t let anyone know our plan until Boom Day *evil laugh*!”
Martin says that they have no idea when ‘Boom Day’ will take place, but they have contacted the FBI and gave them the information they uncovered.
We can only hope that the teachers can be stopped before their evil plan is carried out.

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