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Are Horror Movies Bad to Watch?

Horror Story: The Purge
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Horror Story: The Purge

Can a horror movie affect someone’s mental state?
Horror movies are known to be scary and gory to the audience. According to Harmonia Mentis, horror movies can negatively affect someone’s mental state.
In the article, it states, “Our bodies can react as though we’re facing an actual threat, making our heart beat faster and flooding our system with adrenaline and hormones like norepinephrine and cortisol, which can cause increased heart rate and muscle tension.
This is saying how it can negatively affect our feelings while watching a scary movie.
For some people, watching a horror film can cause unwanted thoughts or feelings. These movies can also trigger anxiety, increase your anxiety level, induce a panic attack, or trigger someone’s sensitivity to the content. When this happens, this can make someone with anxiety think of these sensations as real threats.
For example, the movie “The Purge” is about how one day a year it is legal to commit “crimes”, including “murder”, for 12 hours. I feel this movie is not meant for everyone, but I feel it is very interesting. The topic scares me a lot, especially when I think about how the government could control this. It is not so much a scary movie but it is a gory movie.
I think that this topic was a good idea to make into a movie because it keeps me interested in the concept, and it shows what life would be like if we had a purge every year. In my opinion, it would be horrible and terrifying. If someone who is sensitive to this sort of topic watches this movie, it could trigger unwanted thoughts and emotions.
This movie is “realistic” in that there are no demons, spirits or ghosts involved — it is just humans, and the government that is controlling the whole scenario. Knowing this “The Purge” especially is a very sensitive movie to watch for someone with anxiety. Thinking that we can be controlled is a very realistic topic.
Horror movies can be very triggering to the audience. It could have a large negative effect on someone’s mental health and could trigger unwanted thoughts and emotions.
People who are sensitive to horror films can also be affected not only mentally, but physically by causing panic attacks, muscle tightening, or anxiousness. I think that horror movies are not good to watch because they can negatively affect someone’s mental health

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