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Flex Time: a controversial change

The online media FLEX Time allows students in classes like Literary Magazine to get more work done. Photo by Sara Tate

With the Bruin 2021-22 school year introducing everyone to Flex Times, what do the students think after getting a taste?

The previous school year was a valuable lesson to the Bruin staff, teaching them the do’s and don’ts of how to handle a COVID-19 afflicted year. With this school year being more similar to those of COVID-19 free years, the school introduced a new schedule, the Flex Schedule. But what is this new Advisory/Flex Time for?

Mrs. Nanci Smith, Bear River’s intervention specialist, was able to elaborate on the purpose of Flex Time and advisory classes.

“The single most important factor in a school is creating meaningful relationships with students and these relationships have the largest impact on how well students perform,” she said. “Let’s face it, if students like a teacher, they are more likely to do better in a class. In high schools, we are often missing that relationship-building component because we are so focused on content and given little time to get to know students on a personal level, so advisory provides that opportunity to build a positive culture…. The purpose of Flex Time is to provide opportunities within a school day for students who need assistance in their classes to be more successful. Sometimes a little extra teaching can help and can mean a world of difference to a student who is struggling.”

While Flex Time and Advisory are designed to help seriously struggling students, how do the students feel about them? Do they feel comfortable with the schedule change or do they want Bruin Times back?

Senior Ryder Kiggins had some complaints about Flex Time’s effect on his schedule.

“Bruin Time was at the end of the day, so I had more free time with friends in Bruin Time, and if you didn’t have a Bruin Time as a Senior or Junior you didn’t have to go,” he said. “That’s what I was looking forward to for my Senior year, but I guess not.”

Junior Kailen Anderson had a more positive outlook on Flex Times thanks to being with his friends

“It feels like it’s good, because sometimes I get to see people I know, who I had time with in my freshman year,” he said. “Sometimes I felt like I was in prison for doing nothing wrong [for Bruin Times]. Whatever Flex Time I choose it always comes to a good and magic path.”

Junior Audriana Cha appreciated the time Flex Time and Advisory provided to get schoolwork done.

“Honestly, I like it. They both are helpful because like me, student athletes struggle with maintaining their grades so it’s really helpful. As most would say, it sucks because Bruin Time could’ve been an open period or an early leave for juniors and seniors, but then again it’s really helpful because many lack the motivation to work during the end of school.”

At least for those students who remember Bruin Times and what those were like, Flex Time has built a positive reputation for itself. Sure it means students with all their credits have to stay at school longer, but it’s not all bad, since it’s either valuable time to study and ask help from teachers, or to have fun in class activities and have a nice refresher from the boring drawl of school.

I have a mixed opinion of Flex Times and their replacement of Bruin Times. On one hand, I am incredibly annoyed that the minimum time I can leave school is 2:15-2:30 depending on the schedule. It also bothers me that I have less time to spend into job hours or free time to do what I actually enjoy. However, on the other hand I can recognize that Flex Times are useful in a variety of ways, some of the best Bruin Times from last year got converted into Flex Times (along with some amazing new additions), and I also know that Bear River as a school needs money to still let us do fun things. They are paid by daily attendance and how many hours students are at school for, after all. In short, I understand Flex Times and advisory periods are good but I miss the extra time out of school. So, in conclusion, while the extra free time will be missed, students are warming up to Flex Times and advisory periods. Mrs. Smith had some positive words on the changes.

“This is a positive shift for Bear River,” she said. “The staff has been discussing the ineffectiveness of Bruin Time for several years because of the location in the daily schedule. Students and teachers are tired at the end of the day, which makes it more difficult to be motivated. Research shows that students are more alert and receptive to help in the earlier part of the day. The staff also found that students did not take Bruin Time as a serious part of the day. Many students “checked-out” early, skipped, and or used the time inefficiently. All in all, I feel the change is going to be positive.”

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Flex Time: a controversial change