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Bruins shine at annual Talent Show

Seniors Sarah Brennan and Adriana Moses announce the next performer at the Talent Show. Photo by Brandon McGinnis

Performers put on a spectacle for all of the community to see.

Students participated in the 11th Annual Bear River Talent Show in Bear River’s Theater on February 23 and 24 to display their skills and abilities.

Teachers and staff explained how the Talent Show is put together.

“I contact the performers and I get them to commit to performing, then I sign up for the theater to get it reserved, and we get all the volunteers from the Key Club to do all the various jobs,” said Social Studies Teacher Jeff Carrow.

“(We plan the event) quickly without organization, the true art of what theater truly is,” said Jailyn Tofolla, Bear River’s theater manager.

Mr. Carrow and Ms. Tofolla continued to explain who helps with the production.

“Jeff, Paul (Mont Eton), my daughter, every single act, and technicians,” said Ms. Tafolla.

The expectations, like always, were high for the Talent Show.

“It always sells out and all proceeds go to charity,” stated Mr. Carrow. “(It’s) an amazing time for everyone in the theater and involved in the Talent Show.”

“I didn’t know what to expect, but it turned out great,” agreed Ms. Tafolla.

Audience members at the show gave positive reviews.

“I’m impressed with the amount of talent,” said Al Derise, the father of performer Sarah DeRise. “It’s above and beyond my expectations.”

“I loved it, everyone was screaming and there was a lot of talent,” said Becca Stern, a senior.

“It was fantastic!” exclaimed Gabi Royston, a junior.

“It’s great,” said Tami Anderson, the mother of performer Trace Anderson. “The first time I came to the show was 3 years ago and I was so amazed. I couldn’t believe what I was missing.”

“I enjoyed the bands the most,” said Trevor Chandler, a junior. “It was a good show, but rock is my favorite.”

Like Chandler, everyone had their favorites but one among all of them was a popular choice.

“I liked Lexi, ‘The Hype,’ and everyone else,” said Stern.

“The senior lip sync was pretty good,” replied Liam Hayes, a senior.

“The Hype,” said Mrs. Anderson.

“Flat out, the band named ‘the Hype!’” exclaimed Mr. Derise.

From the array of acts, performers explained their routine.

“Caia Richardson, Emelia Frank, Amanda Potts, and I are all dancing,” said Alli Herbert, a junior.

“(The group and I) are basically doing a rap battle from a broadway musical,” explained Julia Halyerson, a sophomore.

“I’m singing a jazzy version of ‘Sunday Morning’ by Maroon 5 and playing a guitar while singing my original song ‘Just Let Me Go,’” said Lexi Boone, a senior.

“(My routine) is flow art, with an LED hula hoop, that you make as you go along with the music,” explained Courtney Lindley, a senior.

“I played with ‘The Hype,’ then went out by myself and played ‘Time of Your Life’ acoustically,” said Lukas Brodie, a junior.

Performers all agreed that going up on stage in front of a whole theater of your peers isn’t easy.

“(I was) very nervous, but excited,” said Herbert. “… As soon as you start dancing you’re focused on the dance and the nerves disappear.” 

“I was really nervous the first night, but less so on the second,” said Halyerson.

“(I was) really nervous, but I knew that no one in the school had seen (my act) before or anything like it so I knew it would be interesting no matter what,” stated Lindley.

“I’m a little bit nervous, because it’s my last year and I want it to be perfect,” explained Boone. “… I like to try and interact with the audience as if I know them already.”

“It’s really rad, and it felt really intimate when doing my acoustic,” said Brodie.

Among all these feelings, performers are in consensus when deciding what to do next year.

“I would (perform again), because I thought it was really fun and it got me out of my shell,” explained Halyerson.

“(I would) definitely (do it again); it’s really exhilarating and I love music!” exclaimed Brodie.

“(I’d absolutely perform again), because it’s a really fun experience and it helps get the nerves out before the big spring show,” said Herbert.

“(I would want to), so I could show people more of the art behind it and less of the hoop,” stated Lindley.

Audience members were also eager for future shows.

“Absolutely, even when my daughter graduates I would come back just for the talent,” said Mr. Derise.

“Of course, it’s great to see all the talent of our local youth!” exclaimed  Mrs. Anderson.

“Yeah, I come here every year and watch every show,” said Chandler.

Teachers agreed with Chandler.

“The Talent Show is my favorite event to do every year!” exclaimed Mr. Carrow. “It’s 11 years running.”

Some people considered performing as well, but just seem to have something blocking their path.

“I was going to participate this year, but my job got in the way,” said Chandler.

Performers gave encouragement to others considering participation.

“There is nothing to lose and everyone is supportive so I would say: ‘just go for it,’” declared Lindley.

“Do it, don’t let yourself think about it too much or you’ll chicken out,” said Halyerson.

“Definitely do it if you’re feeling dangerous, because it’s a really cool experience,” said Brodie.

“Just do it,” said Boone. “I believe it’s always good to perform or express what you’re good at and the Talent Show is perfect for that.”

Above all the excitement and enthusiasm in the theater, the Talent Show has always been for the betterment of charities. Audience members opened their hearts to such a purpose.

“I think it’s great and an awesome idea,” commented Mr. Derise.

“It fills my heart with joy,” said Stern.

“(It’s) very nice, my budget went to a good cause,” added Royston.

“It’s great and the price is also great, so it keeps people coming,” pointed out Anderson.

“It definitely benefits the charity because the Talent Show always rakes in the money and totally sells out,” observed Chandler.


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Bruins shine at annual Talent Show