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Students gain responsibility via summer jobs

Junior Grace McDaniel made extra money by working at a blueberry farm this summer. Courtesy photo

From blueberry picking to working backstage at a musical, electrical work to lifeguarding, Bruins have found productive ways to occupy their summers while gaining valuable skills.

“I think having a job does make you grow as a person and it teaches you responsibility and independence,” said Sophomore Emmy Christensen.

Bruins like Junior Scout Pettitt believe that having a summer job helps students grow.

“I definitely think that having a job helps you grow,” said Pettit. “You learn so many good skills that you can’t learn in a school.”

Bear River’s Principal Dr. Amy Besler agreed with the students.

“Students gain so much from working during high school; they acquire job-related skills (like customer service) as well as all those employability skills like punctuality and attention to procedures and directions,” said Dr. Besler. “Getting outside of your comfort zone and working with a diverse group of people (as well as bosses other than your parents!) helps young people grow in maturity and confidence. I know, for me, I also quickly developed a true appreciation for money. Once I began earning and spending my own money, I would quickly calculate how many hours I had to work to make that particular purchase, which really helped me prioritize what I really needed and wanted. It’s also great to grow in independence and be in charge of your own success with a job outside of your family and school responsibilities.”

Some enjoy getting paid to do something they love.

“I love working, I get to do something productive and get paid to do it,” said Senior Zack Tener. “I’m always learning new things.”

Others love having something to do as well.

“I actually love working during the summer because I’ve always just sat at home doing absolutely nothing, and this job has let me out and about,” said Pettitt.

Junior Grace McDaniel also agreed with Tener.

“I am glad that I got a job this summer because I will get something out of it,” said McDaniel. “It makes me feel like I have done something productive with my spare time. My motivation was to get out of my house and do something instead of sitting watching TV all summer, and I mean, the money is good too.”

Although most enjoy the work that they do, some do not.

“I work at Subway,” said Junior Hannah James. “I want to be at the lake, not making random people sandwiches. Minimum wage jobs suck.”

Some students said that having a job sometimes makes it can be hard to have a social life, but they make it work.

“Sometimes it can be hard to find a time that works for both me and my friends outside of the show,” said Pettitt. “But we manage, and it makes it more worth it when we do.”

James agreed with Pettit for the most part.

“I work about a thirty hour week,” said James. “When I am off I do a bunch of housework I’ve missed.”

There are a variety of things students can do to work over the summer.

“I am working backstage for James and the Giant Peach,” said Pettitt.

“I’m a lifeguard and swim instructor,” said Christenson.

“I am working at a blueberry ranch as a berry picker this summer,” said McDaniel.

Some hold more than one job.

“My ‘official’ job is working at Ace Hardware near LOP for two to three shift a week,” said Tener. “But I also work with a retired heating and air technician doing jobs for his friends and family. That’s just under the table paid in cash. I’m really working five to six days a week.”

Students encourage others to get a summer job as well.

“I really recommend that if any teen is trying to find a good job where you can gain new and useful knowledge,” said Pettitt.

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Students gain responsibility via summer jobs