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VSCO in vogue at Bear River

Scrunchies, hydroflasks, puka shell necklaces, metal straws, and more are regular characteristics of a VSCO girl. Photo by Taylor Wohlgemuth.

The sound of a fallen Hydro Flask and the words “And I oop—” and “sksksksksksks” that quickly follow. These are the  sounds of a VSCO Girl.

VSCO is a photo editing app that is offered on Android and Apple that has become more popular throughout the culture of social media. As a new trending Instagram and Tik Tok meme, the new term VSCO Girl is a current subculture that has now appeared at Bear River. 

Get Focused, Stay Focused teacher Josie Andrews commented on her knowledge of the term “VSCO.”

“I know that it’s a photo editing app, and I know about the trend VSCO Girl,” said Ms. Andrews.

Many students have their own reactions to this trend.

“It’s a stereotype that a lot of people have come up with on social media,” said Freshman Oliva DesAutels. “I get called a VSCO Girl quite a lot.”

“[I don’t] identify as a VSCO Girl,” said Sophomore Cheyenne Strong. “People say it to make fun of people, but it’s funny when people do it.”

With any trend, there are many stereotypes that come along with it.

“Annoying,” said Sophomore Alicia Anderson. “[They] care for the planet I guess.”

“Girls that [identify as] VSCO have Hydro Flasks,” said Strong. “They wear scrunchies and they wear big t-shirts.”

“Wearing crocs and vans,” said DesAutels. “… Oversized clothing to make it look like you don’t have pants on, wearing messy buns, shell necklaces, lots of friendship bracelets, having a hydro flask – just a lot of trendy things that you can do.”

A teacher and a student may have very differing views on various topics – such as trends. Ms. Andrew described her point of view when it comes to this VSCO girl trend that is running rampant throughout the student body.

“It’s a certain stereotype of a girl, and, to me, they look like 90’s girls,” she said. “[They] had all the things I had in the 90’s – scrunchies, Birkenstocks with socks, big sweatshirts or t-shirts, shorts, possibly friendship bracelets. But now I know that in this day and age, they’ve added Hydro Flasks, puka shell necklaces, and metal straws.”

However, with VSCO Girls, there are negative connotations about it. 

“[P]eople overdo it and they keep going on it longer than it needs to,” said Anderson. “It’s not completely negative, but it’s not a positive thing to be because people find it annoying.”

“Not always,” said DesAutels. “There some old memes that went around a couple of months ago and apparently ‘VSCO Girls’ say them and say things like that so people make fun of them for doing that. Also, people think they would call you basic which could be a negative connotation with a lot of people.”

Some think there are positives in being a VSCO Girl.

“I think people are really negative about it which is unfortunate,” said Ms. Andrews. “I do think it has positive connotations like being environmentally conscious.”

DesAutels agreed with Ms. Andrews.

“A lot of them try to save the environment from pollution, especially turtles, by using metal straws and eliminating plastic straws out of their daily use,” said DesAutels. 

Overall, the trend VSCO Girl is just a trend that intends no harm. 

“Hydro Flasks keep my water cold all day long and scrunchies hold my hair up really well and big t-shirts are really comfy,” said Strong. 

“I think that not everybody has to have the label VSCO Girl,” said DesAutels. “Even if they have a lot of the characteristics or they check all the boxes they shouldn’t have the label, but the label fits sometimes.”

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VSCO in vogue at Bear River