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Bruins have the power to improve the world

There are a host of ways to make a change in the world — even as a student. Photo by Maddie Meilinger

There are numerous ways as to how students can improve the world, and they have the resources to contribute to making that change. Most students believe the amount of trash flooding our streets and cities could drastically improve things, while others believe that being compassionate and understanding and taking a stand can enhance our living standards. 

Freshmen Kaiya Hart shared his opinion on how we could slowly but surely start making our planet a more enjoyable place to live.

“I think if we started by cleaning out the oceans and picking up all the trash that is outside that could help a lot, because that and pollution is the main issue,” Hart said. 

“Well, this probably sounds pretty basic but watching our trash, and if we try to recycle and reuse our things more would help a lot with our environmentally-based problems,” added Sophomore Jolie Hurd. 

Freshman Kaia Kothe strongly expressed how many products are made of plastic which is one of the the most pressing environmental issues according to National Geographic, which strongly impacts the well-being of the planet due to improper disposing methods. 

“I think if we stopped using so much plastic for everything,” she said. “Like, we can use it, but we need to start reusing it, and we use too much. People need to stop throwing our trash outside the car window or on the ground, it hurts the earth so much.”

She continued to share some examples on more environmentally friendly options Bruins can use to benefit our environment. 

“The world would be so much better off if we used paper straws, paper cups, paper anything,” Kothe said. “For example, instead of using plastic for our food [containers] at the grocery store, we can use tin foil because it is reusable, and if you get plastic bags, just keep reusing them. Those are just a few things we can do.  Everyone needs to at least try to keep an eye on their trash and try to control it.”

While Get Focused, Stay Focused (GFSF) teacher Josie Andrews believed there are other ways we can contribute to the community.

“I mean there are a lot of different ways we can improve the world,” she said. “Personally, in my opinion, I say vote. That helps a lot. I mean when you reach the right age.” 

There are other students who believe uplifting others and being kind is the way to improve the world. 

“I think we should start to meet everything we do and everything we meet with compassion,” said Junior Olivia Lyman. “Our world is so negative to everyone.”

“Nowadays, people think its okay to just bully people and it is not okay,” added Mrs. Andrews. “We need to be nicer to the people around us.”

While Sophomore Allison Whiting commented that we always talk about making a change, but we never actually commit to it.

“If we actually took action and told people to start cleaning up, or not just say we will on social media and not just talk about it, the world would be so much more peaceful,” she said. “Everyone just talks about how they want to make a change but never actually try to make that change.”

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Bruins have the power to improve the world