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After decided to use live grizzlies in an assembly, nobody has seen Activities Director Jessica Lee. Authorities are not commenting at this time.

Lee Missing After Leadership Replaces Mascots With Live Grizzlies

Abigail Reed, Briyelle Sikes, and Maya Kiehl April 1, 2024

In a bold move to make Bear Rivers rallies more entertaining, Activities Director Jessica Lee came up with the questionable idea to replace their old and shabby bear mascots Boog and Baloo with live grizzly...

Assistant Principal confronts troublemakers Tanner Mathias and Sara Noah about their art in the staff bathroom.

Staff Vandalism Reaches Breaking Point With ‘Trick”

Reanne Meszaros, Staff Writer April 1, 2024

Bear River students were surprised by the sudden news that on April 1st, Drama and English teacher Sara Noah and zero period weights teacher Tanner Mathias were reportedly in trouble for tagging the staff...

MacD For President 2024!

Chocolate Milk and Presidential Elections, Vote MacD.

Monica Meszaros, Jacob Dickie, and Violet Andrews April 1, 2024

As Americans get prepared for an exciting election for who will lead the country as president, Bruins see a familiar face among the polls. Matthew MacDonald, commonly known as MacD and a history teacher...

D-Man on duty protecting Round Table Pizza.

Lame New Vigilante Patrols LOP

Kamryn Prescott, Staff April 1, 2024

As many know, the crime rate in Lake of the Pines is skyrocketing due to the new, less-than-stellar law enforcer. Today, the backstory of this mighty disaster comes to light. LOP’s new vigilante even...

Robert Lawrence flexing during class time, but not during Flex time, as he dreams of a career as a fitness influencer.

Lawrence To Quit Teaching to Become Fitness Influencer

Daron Nelson, Morgan Winovich, and Ella Miller April 1, 2024

Bear River math teacher, Robert Lawrence, is now looking towards becoming a full time influencer after realizing that teaching is simply not his cup of tea. On the side, Lawrence has been shooting fitness...

Evil Lair Being Built Under ‘Solar Project’ In Parking Lot

Evil Lair Being Built Under ‘Solar Project’ In Parking Lot

Margaret Ralston, Social Media Editor April 1, 2024

Bear River students Hunter Martin, Zoe Myers and Rachel Sartori are claiming that five Bear River teachers are building an underground lair to communicate with extraterrestrial life, using the construction...

Bron Loses Golf Cart; Crime At BR On The Rise

Bron Loses Golf Cart; Crime At BR On The Rise

Colby Dyer, Photo Editor (and really cool) April 1, 2024

Shocking news has recently been revealed in the weekly email. Campus supervisor Bron Fariss’s golf cart has been swallowed up by a random sinkhole, causing an uptick in crime on campus.. In the latest...

Has Señor Mason actually been Monsieur Mason all along?

BR’s Spanish Teacher a Fraud— ¿Señor no more?

April 1, 2024

By Kennedy Lyman, Riley Urke and Vadim Kabardin In a shocking turn of events, it has been discovered that Shawn Mason, Bear River’s “Spanish” teacher, has been secretly teaching French to his...

Deputy Micah Arbaugh takes Boog into custody following the mysterious death of Baloo. The investigation has ripped apart the Bear River community. Photo by Maya Bussinger

Boog Implicated in Mysterious Death of Baloo

Staff Writer April 3, 2023

By Olivia DesAutels, Ruth Rivett and Angelina Williams Devastating news struck the Bear River High school campus recently. One of BRHS’s resident brown bears, Baloo, was found dead in front of the...

MacD vs. Lee. Its Come To This

MacD vs. Lee. It’s Come To This

Staff Writer April 2, 2023

[embedyt][/embedyt]   By Audri Cha, Daron Nelson and Cole Wal Bear River students have been noticing for a while that tensions have been rising between...

DeCicco Swept Up In Disaster That Is The Broncos

DeCicco Swept Up In Disaster That Is The Broncos

Staff Writer March 31, 2023

By Jacob Dickie, Monica Meszaros, Esmé Guerra & Johnathan Yoho Bear River teacher Mike DeCicco is under suspicion of being partially responsible for Broncos horrible recent seasons. DeCicco may be...

Record Snow Fall Traced To Weirs Lab Experiment

Record Snow Fall Traced To Weir’s Lab Experiment

Staff Writer March 31, 2023

By Vaughn Hulcy , Taven Duffey, Elijah Munoz A recent investigation has discovered the source of the intense snow that has covered much of the United States in snow and canceled school from Feb, 24 to...

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